‘Yellowstone’ Fans Beg for Answers After Hearing a Very Surprising ‘1883’ Announcement

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Yellowstone just dropped a major surprise about one of its spin-off shows, but the news has fans feeling rather confused.

In a new announcement shared by Variety, it was revealed that the Tim McGraw and Sam Elliott-led prequel 1883 is expanding outside of streaming on Paramount+. According to the outlet, viewers can tune into the TV channel Paramount Network to catch the entire 10-episode series air weekly starting on June 18 at 8 p.m. ET. What's more, the publication revealed special extended content will be shown after the ending of each episode.

A few weeks after the news broke, Yellowstone's official Instagram account shared it via a video montage. "The road west was paved with blood," read the clip's caption on May 30. "#1883TV, the #YellowstoneTV origin story, makes its full series network premiere Sunday June 18 at 8/7c on @paramountnetwork."

When fans of the spin-off heard that it would start airing on television, they were all thrilled by the prospect. But the announcement also left a few with questions on the status of 1883.

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"Is this just a relaunch of the old season one? Or season 2?" one person asked on Instagram. "This is the first season, why say it's premiering now [when] it was on last year?" a different fan noted, referencing 1883's original December 2021 premiere on Paramount+.

Presently, 1883 only has one season, which will live on both Paramount+ and Paramount Network this summer. As for whether the spin-off will receive a season 2, we have some clues about what to expect.

Back in 2022, the announcement of 1883: The Bass Reeves Story (portrayed by David Oyelowo and based on the real-life law enforcer)left viewers thrilled to see more from this era of the Dutton family. But creator Taylor Sheridan told a different narrative to Deadline by December that same year, saying he made it clear to executives there wouldn't be another season.

Thankfully things changed, because Variety reported in April that the next 1883 installment will now be called Lawmen: Bass Reeves. What's more, it will follow the character as he "brings the legendary lawman of the wild west to life."

Just like the other Yellowstone shows, a plethora of famed actors will join David on the series as well. Donald Sutherland will notably recur as "imposing and commanding" Judge Isaac Parker, while Lauren E. Banks, Forrest Goodluck, Barry Pepper and Demi Singleton round out the regular cast. Additionally, others like Dennis Quaid, Shea Whigham and Garrett Hedlund will guest star throughout the course of the drama.

Looks like we may just need an 1883 television marathon sooner than we thought!

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