Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot wants Cleopatra movie to "change the narrative"

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Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot teases Cleopatra movieAlexandre Schneider / Stringer - Getty Images

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has teased her role as Cleopatra, revealing that she wants the biopic to “change the narrative.”

The actress will play the famous Queen of Egypt in the upcoming film, which is set to be produced by Worlds of DC collaborator Patty Jenkins.

In an interview with Vogue, Gadot outlined her motivations for taking on the role, which included changing the public perception of the historical figure.

gal gadot
Alexandre Schneider / Stringer - Getty Images

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“Israel borders Egypt, and I grew up with so many stories about Cleopatra, and she’s like a household name,” began Gadot. “If Wonder Woman is the imaginary strong female leader, Cleopatra’s actually the real one.

“That’s a perfect example of a story that I wanted to tell because I started reading different books about Cleopatra, and I said, Wow, that’s fascinating. All I ever saw in regards to Cleopatra from film was that she was this seductive woman who had an affair with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. But the truth is, there’s so much more to her.

“This woman was so ahead of her time. Egypt and what Egypt was back then, was still futuristic to where we are today. I can’t say much. But to me, I’m so passionate to tell her story and to bring justice to this character, and her legacy and celebrate her and her legacy.

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Clay Enos - Warner Bros.

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"We have a beautiful script, and I cannot wait to share this story with the world and change the narrative of Cleopatra simply being a seductor,” she added.

Gadot, who has also appeared in the Fast & Furious series, recently spoke about the possibility of returning to the DC franchise following the cancellation of a proposed third Wonder Woman film.

“Things are being worked behind the scenes, and once the right moment arrives, you'll know about it,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

There is currently no release date for Cleopatra.

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