Where did Ricardo the bull come from? And where is he now?

Ricardo looked lost and confused when he found himself trapped in the train tracks of the Newark Penn Station Thursday. The tag on his ear looked like the markings from a slaughterhouse.

He must have had a long, rough day fighting for his life while trying to understand why there were all these people smiling at him and recording him with their phone cameras. In a blink, he left his fatal prognosis behind and became a celebrity.

Runaway bull shuts down commuter trains outside NYC
Runaway bull shuts down commuter trains outside NYC

But how is Ricardo now?

Ricardo, a 1-year-old Texas longhorn bull, was eventually wrangled by authorities and captured in Newark's international airport, some 4 miles from the train station. Then, Ricardo was sedated before a Sussex County sanctuary came forward for his rescue and gave him a new home.

“Hello, Ricardo. You’re looking better than you were a while ago, buddy,” Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue founder Mike Stura told the steer as he was waking up from sedation Thursday night.

“Do you know who I am, huh? I’m your new dad!” Stura told him.

And Ricardo listened to him, peacefully looking at Stura with some hay over his head and not a care in the world.

Soon, Ricardo will be running around happily. A veterinarian already examined him and found no issues on Ricardo’s health, according to a Facebook post from the sanctuary.

The incident at the train station caused a 45-minute delay on trains coming from and toward New York City. It is still unclear from which slaughterhouse he escaped. The closest livestock farm sits a 14-minute drive to the south of Newark Penn Station.

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At the sanctuary there are around 450 other animals that enjoy the more than 200 acres of open range.

“Hopefully, he’ll get along well and live a long, happy life here,” Stura said.

This article originally appeared on Asbury Park Press: Ricardo the bull ran through NJ train tracks, now at a safe sanctuary