You'll never guess what Lena Dunham's mom gave Zac Posen for his 16th birthday

Zac Posen dishes on a gift he received from Lena Dunham's mom

Zac Posen stopped by AOL BUILD Tuesday to chat with Kinvara Balfour on his newest projects, New York Fashion Week, and much to the audiences surprise revealed an unusual and sort of amazing birthday gift from actress Lena Dunham's mother!

First, a little background! Zac and Lena have been friends for quite some time. In fact, it was revealed in Lena's first Vogue cover that Zac Posen actually babysat her as a child in NYC. He even went as far as to make her a high school graduation dress in the early 2000s. Needless to say, they are friends!

So, when Zac revealed his 16th birthday present from Lena's mom was a costume from Madonna's concert, we thought that was pretty cool. Then he revealed that the monk-inspired cape was actually a John Paul Gaultier creation! Zac credits the likes of Gaultier and McQueen for inspiring his work throughout the years and we think a custom Gaultier couture piece at 16-years-old will really get you started down the right fashion-path.

Watch the video above for the full clip!

Photo credit: Gino DePinto
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