Here's what happens when you post a selfie in a stolen dress

This is actually insane. A woman in Illinois posted a selfie wearing a neon rainbow leopard print dress (yeah, strike one right there.), only to be arrested a few hours later. The problem? Danielle Saxton had just stolen said neon rainbow leopard print dress.

The owner of a small boutique in West Frankfort, Illinois posted to his Facebook page, "If anyone sees a girl wearing a neon leopard dress walking around and looks pregnant, stop her or call me - they just stole it from our store!" Naturally in such a small town, it didn't take long. It also helps that our culprit was careless enough to post selfies of her "new dress" on Facebook. Tsk tsk.

Watch the video above to see more about this hilarious story and please, answer us this extremely important question: Who wore it better? Danielle Saxton or the Lisa Frank leopards?

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