WATCH: does shopping make you more lonely? New study suggests it does

After a breakup or a frustrating day at work, we're prone to turning to online shopping to cure our case of the blues. After all, looking good is the best revenge. And why should we cry when we can attend to ourselves with some retail therapy?

According to new research from the University of Chicago, we're doing it all wrong. A new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research reveals that materialism itself can take you away from your social relationships--whether with friends, family, or romantic interests--and make you feel even more lonely than you did in the first place, creating what could become a vicious cycle.

The study breaks down materialism into different categories, and one of the categories actually found different results. The researchers found that buying luxury goods for the sake of owning them and becoming happy actually decreased loneliness.

Don't mind us while we finally splurge on that designer bag. Count us in if a new Chanel bag can decrease our loneliness!

Check out the video above for more!

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