Virtual Shopping System Hits Retail Store

Virtual Shopping System Dressed For Success
Move over Cher Horowitz (and your revolving closet), there is a new way to pick the perfect outfit: A virtual fitting room. That's right, shopping for clothes has gone digital – in every sense of the word.

A clothing company in Taiwan has developed a state-of-the-art virtual fitting room that allows a consumer to find new styles of clothing and try them on -- with just the touch of a button. Vismile is the first company to develop this type of product for retailers. Vismile GM Jenan Huang boasts, "the virtual fitting room, consumers no longer need to take all the clothes and try them on one by one, so it reduces the trouble for trying on."

Skeptics may wonder if this new way of shopping really saves time. Indeed, not having to take clothes on and off will save precious minutes, and it'll also make the process easier. This virtual fitting room gives the consumer a 360 degree view of the clothing by superimposing the garments directly onto a live image of her body.

Looking to try this new technology? You may have to wait. The virtual fitting room will first begin appearing in Taiwanese stores, where the company hopes virtual shopping will gain popularity.

This isn't the first time we've seen virtual shopping experiences. There are several online retailers that allow you to take a picture of your face and try on virtual glasses, while some cosmetic companies use a picture of your face to match skin tone with their products.

Check out the incredible video above!
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