This makeup tip will help you look younger today

Are your old and tired makeup tricks making you look, well... old and tired? Beauty pro Mally Roncal is helping you take years off your look with this helpful lipstick tip.

Paula has been wearing the same shade of red lipstick for 20 years... yes, seriously 20 years! It's time to soften it up. Red lipstick doesn't have to be aging, but for Paula's complexion, the tomato-red hue was simply wrong. Softening up your lips with a glossy nude hue will make them look bigger, fuller, and smoother.

And according to beauty expert Mally Roncal, a nude lip will also make you look 10 years younger! Watch the video above for more and check out the before and after photos below!

Rachel Ray before/after
Rachel Ray before/after
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