Shop this video: This fragrance doubles as a bug spray

You don't have to reek of bug spray to ward off mosquito bites. We found a botanical fragrance that actually doubles as a mosquito repellent.

With its mutli-functionality, Aromaflage is the perfect summer and travel fragrance that lets you live your outdoor chic lifestyle without worry. More details about this innovative product:
  • Aromaflage™ is a fine fragrance that also repels insects
  • Free of DEET, parabens, and sulfates
  • From the Southeast Asian jungle, Aromaflage Wild combines notes of spicy cardamom, warm cedarwood, and snappy spruce
  • The Botanical fragrance has a subtle citrus, vanilla, and cedarwood scent
  • Aromaflage™ has been tested in a world renowned mosquito testing facility that demonstrated that Aromaflage outperforms DEET at 7% as well as Citronella
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