New details: Solange fought with ANOTHER celebrity before Jay-Z

Even more details are emerging about the jaw-dropping elevator fight between Solange Knowles and Jay-Z after the Met Gala. Apparently Solange got into a fight with fashion designer Rachel Roy earlier in the evening as well. During that argument, Beyonce reportedly stepped in to cool the situation down, but then notably stayed out of the fight in the elevator, as she "does not approve of violence."

It has also been noticed today that Solange removed almost every photo of her sister (except for one) from her Instagram page. Fans have been commenting on the photos, one simply encouraging that they "fix it!"

Meanwhile, Solange showed little sign of drama while performing in NYC as part of New York Magazine's first-ever Vulture Festival. She was seen wearing an oversized red and green shirt and yellow shorts.

Vulture Festival Presents MIA + Solange

We're still reeling over this developing story. Seeing music's golden family affected this way isn't an easy thing to watch! Check out the video above for more details about the raucous evening at the Met Gala.
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