How Far Would You Go To Look Like Kate Middleton?

How Far Would You Go To Look Like Kate Middleton?
In a world obsessed with Kate Middleton, we should have predicted that fanatics would soon move past emulating her hair and style. According to the Daily Mail, women in the US and England are now requesting plastic surgery to get Kate Middleton's nose. In fact, requests for the Duchess' schnoz have tripled since 2011.

21 year-old Jessica Blaier shelled out $12,000 for the royal nose, having gone to her doctor right after seeing Kate Middleton marry Prince William in 2011. The doctor who did Blaier's nose, Dr. Thomas Romo III, said that he understood why women would want the Duchess of Cambridge's nose.

"It's strong. It's a woman's nose. It's not infantile. It's not overdone," Romo said. Other women who have had the procedure describe their new noses as cute and feminine with a slight upturn that makes them appear happier. And they're feeling happier too!

So there you have it, the Duchess is loved for not only her fantastic style but perfect genes as well.

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