Genius ideas to rock the mix & matte nail trend

Mix & Matte Nail Style With L'Oreal's Global Nail Expert Tom Bachik
By The Beauty Experts at: L'Oréal Paris
Matte nail polish is once again turning heads with this latest mix & matte nail trend we can't get enough. Mix & matte takes the best of the matte texture world and incorporates bright glossy colors and favorite nail art designs. So while we're swooning over the hot matte lipstick and eye makeup making its way on the scene, matte nail polish is still our #1. Lucky for us, L'Oreal Paris Global Nail Expert, Tom Bachik, has all the genius tricks and ideas to rock this mix & matte nail trend. It's a matte, matte, matte world and we can't wait to paint our nails in it!

Watch the video above for genius ideas to rock the mix & matte nail trend.
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