Yes, you can dress for class in ten minutes and still look stylish

Back to School Trends: The Boho Trend

By The Beauty Experts at: L'Oréal Paris

We've all done it. We finally stop hitting the snooze button only to realize it's ten minutes until class time so we quickly throw on jeans and a tank top and throw our hair up into a messy bun. It gets us out the door in time but totally cramps our style sensibilities. There's a better way to do the ten minute turnaround for school: the boho trend. A Piece of Toast bloggers, Sally Miller and Molly Miller, give us their expert tips to sport the boho trend so that our wardrobe keeps up with our on-the-go class schedule. Ditch the disheveled look and try some quick beachy waves this semester!

Watch the video above for quick style tips to revamp your school style.

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