And the latest in weird fashion news... clothing from a spray can?

You'll never say "it justdoesn't fit right," again. In case you were hoping for another cool/weird trend in fashion (after the incredible 3D printed creation worn down the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway last night), launching next year will be: spray-on fabric.

"Good Morning America" reports Spanish designer Manel Torres may have invented the clothing of the future. It's called Fabrican, and it's a spray in an aerosol can of short fibers mixed with solvent and polymers that bind together. In short, it's clothing in a spray can! The Fabrican website even brags it was named the 6th best invention in 2010. It can be sprayed onto any surface.

Interestingly enough, because it comes from the air-tight can, the product is completely sanitary. As such, it's possible it may also be used as the sterile bandages of the future. Watch the video above for more.

Photo Credit: Fabrican Ltd
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