Watch O’Reilly Auto Parts jingle cast reunite — at a wedding. ‘Concert of the year’

Screengrabs from Michael Underlin TikTok

Guests at a Missouri wedding were treated to a performance from the voice cast of one of the most recognized tunes — the O’Reilly Auto Parts jingle.

If it’s not already stuck in your head, perhaps you need a refresher — “O-O-O-O’Reily ... Auto Parts ... OW!”

Better yet, have a look for yourself as the cast sings the jingle and recites part of an O’Reilly Auto Parts commercial.

@michaelunderlin Original voice cast of the @O'Reilly Auto Parts jingle reunite at a wedding. You can’t make this stuff up. #oreillyautoparts #oreilly #jingle #ozarkmountaindaredevils ♬ original sound - michaelunderlin

You’re probably wondering why this reunion occurred at a wedding in Springfield, Missouri, of all places. There’s actually a logical reason for it.

The bride, Patti Crump Lemons, composed the music in the 1980s and her groom, Nick Sibley, is an O’Reilly video producer, according to the New York Post. Crump Lemons told the publication the cast was already planning to attend the wedding as friends of the couple.

“We just said, ‘Hey, we need to do an O’Reilly skit at the wedding,’” she told the Post. “They just laughed about it and then we just kind of did it, impromptu. That wasn’t part of my dream wedding when I was a little girl.”

Video shared on TikTok on Monday, Nov. 21, by wedding guest Michael Underlin has 2.8 million views. He said in a Facebook post the performance was “amazing to witness.”

Even O’Reilly Auto Parts commented on the video.

“Nothing says everlasting love like our jingle,” the business said.

TikTok commenters are calling on other businesses with catchy jingles — including Menards and JG Wentworth — to step up their game.

“Maybe we will put something together soon,” commented JG Wentworth.

“Me having to sing ‘ba da ba ba ba’ at another wedding,” McDonald’s said.

Others simply wished they received an invitation.

“Cannot believe we didn’t make the guest list,” A&W Restaurants said.

“Concert of the year,” another commenter said.

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