Would you wear perfume that smelled like coffee? VOTE!

Coffee definitely has an appealing aroma (who doesn't relate to the Folgers commercials where people are woken from a deep slumber by the delicious smell of coffee brewing downstairs?) but would you wear it as a perfume?!

Macmillan Cancer Support, a U.K.-based charity, has launched three fragrances -- two perfumes and an aftershave -- that are coffee scented. They were launched in honor of Coffee Morning, their largest fundraising event in which they ask people across the U.K. to host a coffee morning with friends and family wherein donations will go to Macmillan's cancer research. They hope that coffee-lovers will snatch up the limited-edition Coffeelicious, Macpresso(the manly scent) and Mochamorning (we know, brilliant names) scents on the World's Biggest Coffee Morning September 27th.

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Whether or not we'd actually wear the scent, we're dying to know how they incorporated the coffee aroma! Plus, when the funds go towards Cancer research, it's a win-win situation: trying a new (if quirky) perfume and helping a worthy cause.

What do you think -- would you wear a coffee-scented perfume? Vote below!

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