Winter woes: Fashion fixes to look sleek in sucky weather

99 Problems: Winter Woes
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Winter woes: Fashion fixes to look sleek in sucky weather

Unless you travel exclusively via dogsled, your sleeping bag of a puffer coat shouldn’t be the only extra-warm outer layer in your closet. We recommend trolling upcoming sales for long cashmere versions or pass go and collect Emerson Fry’s two-tone wool pea coat now.

Your add-ons become overwhelming when you squish into a crowded booth at your favorite bar. Rather than sentence your mittens and scarf to the coat pile, re-up your purse volume — or chance losing your favorite wool accessories forever.

Available at, $679.

There’s not much you can do to combat the dankness that sets in on the subway-snow-office cycle. In lieu of a tightening wash, put a layer between you and the offending fabric with thin merino wool leggings from With & Wessel. Also, Febreze.

Available at, $115.

The most nettlesome winter weather is that which you’re expected to venture into despite how miserable it obviously is. Rather than feel ice stab your bones, insulate like a Swedish fisherman in Stutterheim’s unisex slicker.

Available at, $735.

Disney lock belt : oversize knits and shapeless jackets :: shower : fluffy cat. It may feel a bit awkward at first but ultimately you’ll look slimmer.

Available at, $211.

Lizzy Wearing tights with pumps is a drag (really, you will lose a shoe) and we’ve tried everything: rubber bands around feet, sewn-in pointe-esque elastics, and pregaming with too-tight heels in hopes of a little swell. Lock your feet down with built-in ankle straps from Zara.

Available at, $99.

Ever been so cold you forget all words that aren’t expletives? Us, too. In times when you think a naked slide down an Alaskan glacier would be an improvement, zip up a Canada Goose down parka.

Available at, $649.

Your lost relationship with top knots during winter could inspire an Adele song. Rather than lament the passing of your summertime go-to, pony up with Eugenia Kim’s knit turband.

Available at, $100.

Like Ralphie’s little brother, you can’t put your arms down. Or zip up your outermost layer. Or stand the temperature fluctuations in your office throughout the day. Solve all three with a slim-line Uniqlo vest over (or under) every outfit.

Available at, $50.

A predesignated meeting spot is a boring, passive way to deal with a very stressful situation. Whether you find yourself solo on a mountain or in a mall, make yourself heard with Carven’s whistle and leather key chain. Don’t worry about annoying potential friends; you have enough trouble keeping track of the existing lot.

Available at, $67.

The rats in the dumpster across the street just asked you for tips on how to create such a majestic nest. Help the back of your scalp instead of your questionable new fan club with a strand-saving silk scarf long enough to wrap round your neck three times.

Available at, $130.

It’s going to take more than freezing temps to keep you from Instagram. While we blame touch screens for the recent outbreak of fingerless gloves, there are options to keep you fully covered and digitally productive. Echo’s leather and knit gloves break the technology barrier without venturing into Skymall (no disrespect) territory.

Available at, $115.

Dear woman whose cheeks we saw last night while walking into a restaurant: Stop. We have secondhand frostbite just looking at you. Cover up your gams with Commando’s demure-sexy tights.

Available at, $42.

Semifrozen ice is a treat in the summer and a trick in the winter — and your trendy leather boots can’t handle that kind of dichotomy. Fix the issue with Sorel caribou boots like the OG ones you wore on your family ski trip at age 5 (your mom was right, as always).

Available at, $140.

Your circulation in winter is akin to that of the North Dakota beach volleyball league newsletter. Warm up your wigglers with thick, wool L.L. Bean hunting socks.

Available at, $30.

Cold feet? No thank you! The winter months are always unpredictable; from rain and wind to sleet and snow you need to be prepared for it all.

Click through the gallery above for some of our winter essentials before you get caught out in the elements.

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