Wildest and Wackiest looks from the Billboard Music Awards

Wildest and Wackiest of the Billboard Music Awards
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Wildest and Wackiest looks from the Billboard Music Awards
Red lace from head to toe, and red leather boots to top it off? Whitney's outfit for the 1993 Billboard Awards was a bit much!
Chilli and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez are dressed like Buzz Lightyear, holding a cardboard cut out of T-Boz.
Never one to shy away from a daring look, Stefani tied her hair in tiny buns and bejweled her eyebrows in 1997.
Those of us who see Usher as a complete stud would love to forget this outfit ever happened.
It was the late '90s, a time of crop tops and strappy sandals, and JLH wasn't afraid to bare it all.
Griffin hosted the 2000 show, and we think the comedian was looking for some laughs with her outfit, too.
Oh, Brit. We're really not sure what was going on with this outfit, but the hat really put it over the edge into "yikes" territory!
Whoa, looks like Pink forgot that fish netting is supposed to stay on boats.
Cher has always been a fashion risk-taker, but there's so many things going in in this outfit that we just... don't understand.
This is a Celine we're not used to -- from the short blonde hair to the very daring dress, certainly gave us a shock!
Flavor Flav never leaves without that clock, but this is a case of the primary colors gone wrong. 
You've heard of the saying "that looks like a few scraps of fabric sewn together." Well this, ladies and gentlemen, is the literal interpretation.
Nicki always keeps it interesting, wearing a bedazzled (and sheer) jumpsuit in 2011.
Dying your hair fun colors is definitely a trend, but we're not so sure about the teddy-bear platform boots.

The Billboard Music Awards are a night filled with powerhouse performances and well-deserved recognition for some of Music's biggest names. This year's show, hosted by Ludacris, will feature performances from musicians of all kinds -- from Lorde to J.Lo!

Whether through their music or fashion sense, the stars always know how to make a statement. To get excited for this year's show, we looked back at some of the wildest outfits from years past.

From head-to-toe lace to stuffed-animal shoes, check out our picks for the wackiest looks from Billboard Awards past.
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