What Does Your Swimsuit Say About You?

What Does Your Swimsuit Say About You?
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What Does Your Swimsuit Say About You?

Every girl needs a basic black swimsuit for her summer wardrobe, but some prefer to stick with just that - a timeless style that won't fall out of fashion. If this sounds like you, you're most likely practical, efficient, and loyal. While you probably already know exactly what you want in a summer swimsuit, try on a high-waisted retro style for size, or crisp white in exchange for basic black. 

Asos Motel 50s Style Halter Swimsuit

If your swimsuit consists of oversize zippers, wide stripes, or doubles as a bodysuit for surfing, we're going to guess you don't take going to the beach lightly. Summertime for you is all about exerting your athleticism to the fullest, and a flimsy string bikini isn't cutting it for you. Luckily, this season there are plenty of stylish swimwear options that won't get in the way of your fun-filled activities. Try a scuba-inspired or a long-sleeve rashguard on for size - perfect for protecting against the sun and surf.

DVF Loves Roxy Garden Rashguard and Leaf String Bottom

Leopard prints, fringe, crazy cutouts - does any of this sound familiar? If your poolside attire incorporates one of these elements, we're willing to bet you're bold, carefree, and don't put too much thought into what others think about you. We suggest trying out a gypsy-inspired boho style or an animal print in this summer's hottest color combo - black and white. 

Stella McCartney Swim Jersey Triangle Bikini

If your suit is pink and ruffled, it's pretty safe to assume you may be a total girly-girl. A girly-girl loves anything delicate, pretty, and feminine. If this sounds like your style, switch things up this summer and try something like floral appliques, pastel hues like tangerine, or scalloped edges. 

Miu Miu Floral Applique Triangle Bikini

Whether you prefer to spend your weekends lounging poolside or frolicking on the beach, one thing about summer is for certain: it's finally swimsuit season.

If you're like our editors, you may tend to stick to a certain type of swimwear that works for your body type and personal style. We bet you didn't realize that these tendencies can reveal a lot about our personalities.

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