We had to: The worst Emmy looks of. all. time.

worst emmy looks
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We had to: The worst Emmy looks of. all. time.
Kelly is super stylish these days, but definitely had a few moments back in the early '00s...
There are no words!
The belt on this dress is just odd, and we're not big fans of the tiered sleeves either.
No, just no.
Oh, Ashley Judd. Between the embellished halter, the huge bow and the hair... this one is a big miss.
This dress is all kinds of wrong.
Between the tulle skirt, big shoulder and big hair, there is way too much volume in this look.
This kimono-inspired dress was seriously unfortunate.
This funny lady did not have us laughing with this unflattering dress.
We think Diana should have left the doilies at home.
No one can forget SJP's ballerina-inspired dress, but there are times that we wish we could!
It fits great but the color, the bedazzling, everything else feels wrong.
Whoa, Joan. Where's the bird she stole all of these feathers from? 
We usually love everything Julianne wears, but we can't say we love the scales on this mermaid gown.
Just feels inappropriate, no?
Hey, support your candidate all you can, but don't wear pictures of his face to an event... not cute.
The fabrics on this dress couldn't figure out which direction to go.
Rita, why did you want to look like a chandelier? 
This feels far too casual, not only is she wearing a basic white button up, but she's tied it at her waist!
Sorry Paula. The dress was run-of-the-mill, but a tiara is bound to land you on this list!
Way too much velvet, and light pink velvet at that.
Both of these outfits are all kinds of wrong.
We're all for embellishments(on a dress), but plastering gems on your back isn't a good look.
Completely unflattering, a little to tent-ish for our taste.
The stripes down JLH's dress almost look like the legs of a bug.  Now you can't stop seeing it, right?
Are those feathers on the hem of this dress? Not to mention it doesn't seem to fit her well at all.
Wait, what is this...?
Nothing about this dress is terribly flattering.

The 2014 Emmy Awards are this Monday, and to satisfy our red carpet excitement, we've rounded up our favorite looks of all time, and yes... the worst of all time. The Emmys are different from, say, the Grammys, because people aren't purposefully dressing in crazy or out-of-the-box ways (that often go awry) but there are definitely still some misses along the way.

From Patricia Heaton's unfortunate kimono-inspired dress in 1999 to Paula Abdul's tiara in 2004 and Ashley Judd's big-bow-big-hair fiasco in 2012, we rounded up the best of the worst. Click through the gallery above to see!
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