Trending: Tie-Dye Makes A Style Comeback

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Trending: Tie-Dye Makes A Style Comeback

As with all tie-dye, whether it’s a dress, t-shirt, napkin or tablecloth, you’ll need to make sure you’re using white cotton fabric so it can absorb as much color as possible. And don’t toss out your stained white clothing; tie-dye is a great way to breathe new life into your older items. 

For the classic bullseye pattern, you’ll need two shades of dye, two large tubs, water, rubber or latex gloves, heavy-duty rubber bands and of course, your white cotton item. To demonstrate this technique we’re using a tablecloth, but it works on anything. 

Start from one end of the tablecloth and pull out an 8-inch section. Tie a rubber band around the base several times until it’s tight. Then add one or two more rubber bands a couple inches apart to create the bullseye. Just make sure each rubber band is wrapped very tightly. 

Vary the size of your bullseye sections as you make your way down the entire piece of cloth. 
After preparing your dyes according to their instructions, put on your gloves and place a section of the tablecloth into the tub. Really press it down so it can absorb the dye and let it sit for a few minutes before ringing it out by hand. 

Now dip your next white section in the second dye. Don’t worry about the colors blending together; tie-dye is very hard to mess up as long as you use complimentary colors. 

After you have dyed all the white sections, take a few of the tips and dip them in the opposite color for a couple of minutes to get a cool gradient look.

Ring out any excess dye and let it sit for a few minutes before removing all the rubber bands. Then simply hang on a line for a few hours so it can dry completely. 

Tie-dye is making a big comeback this season, and with this fun DIY project you can create your own modern take on this classic look. 


Don't call it a comeback! Tie-dye is back on the scene this summer in hippie-chic vibes and cool sleek shapes. Tie-dying is an easy and forgiving summer project. So grab some friends for a fun craft-ernoon of creating vibrant tie-dye treasures.

Click the gallery above for this fun DIY project to remake this class look.

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3 Patterns To Tie-Dye For!
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