Trend to try: Lip liner in lieu of lipstick

Liner in lieu of lipstick
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Trend to try: Lip liner in lieu of lipstick

I've recently become a big fan of BH Cosmetics and picked up a few (and by "a few", I mean "six") of their waterproof lip liners in my most recent order. I just wanted to try a few new liner colors and didn't really care what brand they were, but because BH is so affordable and I was so pleased with my first two orders, I stocked up. I am so glad I did because these liners are amazing. First of all, they go on really smoothly and have great color payoff. Secondly, they are incredibly long lasting.

I have been living in "spiced" and wore it all afternoon/evening the other day. I put it on in the afternoon. I had tea and water and probably a snack. Then Nick and I went to a full dinner (apps, bread, main course, and coffee afterward). I started to get self conscious about my lip color early on in the dinner. If you like to wear bold lips too, you know what I was going through. Bold lip colors don't look so hot when they start to fade, or worse, come off completely in the middle or smear all over your face. I could only imagine what my face looked like. So I asked Nick and he just said that it was "fine."

Normally the word "fine" is not what I like to hear because "fine" never really means fine. But in this case, I think "fine" was actually an appropriate word – "just fine!" might have been even better. It was a dimly lit dinner, so I just waited it out. Then when I got back to the car, to my surprise, I still had full lip color. Score!

The darker colors naturally have a little better coverage. I think that spiced has the best coverage, but they all can do the job. When I wear these, I line and fill in my full lips with the liner, but I usually use a lipstick as well. For this post, I didn't use anything but the liner.

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