Treat yourself to spring's freshest fragrance

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Treat yourself to spring's freshest fragrance
"You're never fully dressed without...a spritz of perfume. It's the last thing we put on before walking out the door and one of the most memorable things a woman can do." - Molly & Sally, A Piece of Toast
"Both of us have fun mixing and matching our fragrances depending on the season, our mood, or where we are getting 
ready to go." - Molly & Sally, A Piece of Toast
"Every spring I treat myself to a new perfume. I look for a scent that is fresh, light, and happy. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is just that."  - Kat, With Love From Kat
"It has a really pretty, subtle floral tone that isn’t the least bit overwhelming. Daisy is classic and a favorite of mine, while Daisy Eau So Fresh is a little bit more playful and fun."  - Kat, With Love From Kat
"Transitioning from a cozy winter to a fresh spring doesn't only mean open toe shoes, bright lipstick and beautiful flowing maxi dresses..."  - Taye, Stuff She Likes
"I switch into spring with fresh new fragrances. Charming, floral, and fun."  - Taye, Stuff She Likes
"I'm inspired by the beautiful floral bottle tops of Marc Jacobs Daisy and Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh."  - Grasie, Style Me Grasie
"Like the name suggests, this fragrance is light and fruity with a flirty flower scent."  - Grasie, Style Me Grasie
"Fragrances do so much more than just make us smell good. They make us feel fresh and polished, they remind us of certain things, and they can even make a statement as to what kind of people we are -- or are at the moment!"  - Teni, MissMaven
"Simply put, fragrances inspire."  - Teni, MissMaven
"There's something about spring for me that makes me itch for change."  - Merrick, Merricks Art

"I've been combining my more sophisticated, classic, and structured wintery pieces with my breezy, colorful and playful spring and summer pieces, creating combinations that strike a balance between sophisticated and whimsy....inspired by the perfect balance between the rich musky smell and incredibly fresh and playful scents of Marc Jacob's perfumes."  - Merrick, Merricks Art

"I've been trying out the Marc Jacobs Daisy & Daisy Eau So Fresh scents the past couple of weeks and I'm digging them." -Chassity, Look Linger Love
"They're light and happy and fresh. All good things for spring and sunshine-y days."  - Chassity, Look Linger Love

"Fragrance has always been one of my weaknesses, and I am a strong believer that every girl should own perfume(s) that makes them feel beautiful and sophisticated." - Ashlyn, Let It Be Beautiful

"When getting ready for the day and trying to decide which perfume I am going to wear, there are a lot of factors that play a role in my decision. The season, weather, plans for the day and my mood are definitely all part of my thought process." -Ashlyn, Let It Be Beautiful

"Spring in New York City is truly beautiful. The change in seasons has me reaching for vibrant colors and the urge to update my beauty cabinet with a fresh scent."  - Caroline, House of Harper  

"It is amazing how the simple act of shedding your heavy winter coat can leave you feeling so light. Daisy by Marc Jacobs embodies exactly how I am feeling right now; free-spirited, fresh and simple."  - Caroline, House of Harper

"Marc Jacobs Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh fragrances make me feel like frolicking at the park." - An, Haute Pink Pretty

"Wearing them instantly boosts my mood, transporting me to a fun summery picnic at the park without a care in the world!" -An, Haute Pink Pretty

"Along with the seasons getting both sunnier and warmer, I’ve had my eye on a lot of trends that have been tickling my fancy for spring!"  - Jen, From Head to Toe

"You of course cannot forget to finish your look with a fresh, springy scent." - Jen, From Head to Toe
"I love how fresh and simple the Marc Jacobs Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh fragrances are." - Emilee, Emilee Anne
"They are perfect for the beautiful sunny days ahead!" - Emilee, Emilee Anne
"I put together this outfit inspired by Marc Jacobs's youthful and vibrant Daisy fragrances." - Grace, Stripes & Sequins
"It’s funny how a fragrance -- or bright, happy clothing can lift immediately lift your spirits!" - Grace, Stripes & Sequins
"When it comes to scents, I like them to be charmingly simple, light yet sophisticated. After spraying Daisy by Marc Jacobs, I knew this would be my new scent of the season."  - Amy, Dallas Wardrobe
"This scent is now my ‘go-to’, and I know you would love it as much as me." - Amy, Dallas Wardrobe

The coming of spring means warmer weather, lighter layers, and, for us at least, a desire for a fresh new addition to our wardrobes. While a full-on spring wardrobe change takes time and effort, one of the most instantly gratifying ways to switch up a look is with a brand new fragrance. Many stylish women reach for Marc Jacobs Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh every spring for just that reason -- it's light, fresh, flirty, and easy to wear. Click through the gallery to see how a few fashion bloggers are switching up their spring looks with the Daisy fragrances.

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