To Buckingham Palace born: A royal baby photo album

To Buckingham Palace Born
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To Buckingham Palace born: A royal baby photo album

Born April 21, 1926

Nicknamed "Lilibet," the young Elizabeth was a cheerful child who loved horses and was close to her grandfather, King George V. However, her regal poise was evident from an early age. "She has an air of authority and reflectiveness astonishing in an infant," Winston Churchill reportedly remarked when the future queen was just two.

Born November 14, 1948

Charles was three years old when his mother ascended the throne and made him her heir apparent (a position he holds to this day). Here he is in one of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace on his eighth birthday.

Born August 15,1950

Elizabeth and Philip's only daughter proved a natural in front of the camera with her golden ringlets and wide smile. Titled Princess Royal, Anne, she would simply have been Lady Anne Mountbatten had her grandfather, King George VI, not intervened before her birth and altered the decree that only male-line grandchildren of a sovereign could have a royal title.

Born July 1, 1961

Though not a Windsor by birth, Diana grew up in the same aristocratic circles as the royal family and enjoyed occasional playdates with her future husband Charles’s younger brothers, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Reportedly a shy child, here she is in 1964 pushing a pram at Park House, Sandringham in Norfolk.

Born June 21, 1981

After a family trip to Australia, Prince Charles and Princess Diana took to calling their young son "Wombat." "Not because I look like a wombat or maybe I do," Prince William later joked to the press. Travel was just one way in which Diana, by all accounts a hands-on mother, worked to ensure that both her sons received a well-rounded and socially aware upbringing.

Born September 15, 1984

The "spare" to older brother William's "heir," Prince Harry's carefree disposition emerged at an early age. Once described by Diana as "very artistic and sporty," here he is "playing" the piano at home at Kensington Palace.
Born January 9, 1982

The newest member of the House of Windsor grew up predominately in the posh suburb of Bucklebury, Berkshire. However, for more than two years as a toddler, she resided in Amman, Jordan, after her father transferred there for his job with British Airways. Here is the future duchess along with her younger sister, Pippa, and father, Michael, amid the ruins of Jerash.
With the Duchess of Cambridge's rumored July 13 due date just passed, the countdown to the royal birth has officially begun. In London, paparazzi are vying for spots outside of St. Mary's Hospital where the Duke and Duchess have reserved their private delivery suite while bookkeepers are placing bets on everything from the baby's gender (odds favor a girl) to hair color (our money's on Kate's rich chestnut hue). High street shops are also fueling the fanfare, stocking their shelves with commemorative souvenirs including mugs, dish towels, and coins. There's even an illustrated children's book entitled Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby wherein noisy palace guards and the Queen's barking corgis conspire to prevent the newborn from sleeping.

Of course, while such hullabaloo might suggest the contrary, this is hardly the first House of Windsor tot bound for Buckingham Palace (it's just been a while). Here, we take a look at the family's past bundles of joys, from a cherubic Prince William to a precocious Queen Elizabeth.

Dare we say, it's a royally cute bunch.

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