Tips for dressing to make your legs look longer and leaner

Make Your Legs Look Longer
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Tips for dressing to make your legs look longer and leaner

The more leg you expose, the longer they'll look! Keep it tasteful, of course, but higher hemlines will work in your favor.

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Wear heels! As simple as that.  Whenever you can, wearing a pair of heels or wedges will immediately give you height, and give your legs length.  Plus, in heels your leg muscles are working -- so they'll look toned and lean.

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Nude heels in particular are the perfect optical illusion: they don't break up the leg at all, so your eye goes straight to the floor.  These sandals are also a plus, because they show more skin than a classic pump.

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Pencil skirts are slimming, and they usually start just below your ribs.  By tucking your shirt in, you'll trick the eye to believe that your hips are at the top of your skirt, and that your legs are significantly longer than they are.

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Wearing high-waisted pants is similar to wearing a pencil skirt, you'll trick the eye to believing your hips are much higher than they are.

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Not only does wearing a long skirt help, but wearing all one color causes the eye to travel from your shoulder to the floor.  You'll look taller, and everyone will assume your legs go on for days.

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This maxi, which has its waist just under your bust, creates the illusion that your legs could go on for days.  Wearing wedges underneath makes you look that much taller and leaner.

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Wearing all dark colors is always slimming, but it also doesn't allow for your legs to be broken up at all by different hues.  

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Short shorts, especially during the summer, are more than just comfy and fun.  They make your legs look extra long, because you're keeping the hemline high to show off your newly tanned legs.  Try applying self-tanner to your legs, and they'll look leaner instantly.

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Choose tall boots over ankle boots if you want your legs to look longer.  The ankle boot cuts you off at the ankle, while tall boots create a seamless line from your knees to the floor.

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Vertical stripes on a pair of pants (especially these bold stripes in black and white) are very effective at lengthening the leg, because the eye immediately travels the length of your leg.

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If there's a trend among things women often wish they could change about their bodies, it's usually the un-changeable. If you want to be a blonde, that's easy to do, but if you want to be taller, there's not much you can do about when your 17-year-old self stopped growing. The truth is, however, that though you may not be able to literally change your height, there are ways to look taller.

And the same is true here: You can't change the length of your legs, but there are definitely some sneaky ways to make your legs look long and lean. We've compiled a list of 11 tips to making your legs look longer, and while there are a few obvious ones in there (wear heels!) there are some that may surprise you. So while you're gearing up to show some skin this summer (and getting some serious hair inspiration), you know you'll look your best.

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