​The Suri effect: Sales skyrocket for girls' high heels

Little Suri Cruise has always been a trendsetter, but now her fashion choices mean serious money! According to the market research company NPD group, the sales of fashion footwear for girls grew 9% in the last year, after a 5% growth the previous year. Now, high heel shoes for young girls is a $4 billion industry, which sees young daughters eager to emulate the style of their mothers. While we can't say for certain Suri is the reason for this spike, she has been seen countless times wearing those pint-size heels.

Brands like Gap Kids, Steve Madden Kids, and Stuart Weitzman Kids have all started producing similar footwear to meet the demand. With prices ranging from $14.99 to $100, young girls are getting a little taller -- and acting a little more like mom.

When asked by Access Hollywood why she loves her high heels, mother Katie Holmes responded "she's like every little girl - she loves my high heels." Suri isn't the only celebrity kid getting into the action. We recently saw Honor Alba, daughter of Jessica Alba rocking a similar look.

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