The Kendall Jenner bullying continues with nasty magazine cover

With as much positive attention as Kendall Jenner has gotten from industry bigwigs in the past year or so, the 18-year-old seems to be having a rough go of it this Fashion Month.

On Thursday, it was reported that fellow "non-celebrity" models were mistreating Jenner backstage at fashion shows because they think she's undeserving of the special treatment she's getting. (That, and because she's taking their hard-earned jobs and runway slots away from them.) Now, the bullying continues, thanks to one nasty cover from Australian celebrity gossip magazine, Famous. The cover lines claim that Jenner is "too fat" for the runway, and that her agents are insisting that she lose about 17 pounds if she wants to continue working. Um, gross.

This drivel is supplemented with some (very poorly) Photoshopped images of Jenner walking the Tommy Hilfiger runway with a trivial amount of cellulite on her thighs, which, of course, is supposed to make the Famous readers recoil in disgust. For the record, we saw this show in person, and Jenner looked fantastic (see below). Sure, a little bit of cattiness among models backstage at a show is one thing - let's be real, it happens at every job - but this is taking the cruelty way too far, don't you think?

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