The Kate Middleton Effect: Aquatalia Re-Releases the Duchess's Favorite Boots

Kate Middleton has several wardrobe staples: Her beloved L.K. Bennett nude pumps, that Issa wrap dress, and in colder climes, her Aquatalia Rhumba boots. But since Middleton, as we all know, is a rather thrifty shopper, many of those staples are seasons-old and thus, brands don't always get to reap the benefits of the so-called "Kate Middleton Effect." That is, unless they decide to re-release the Middleton-approved wares–which is precisely what Aquatalia is doing today.

The Italian-made footwear brand is re-issuing their Rhumba boot–the style Middleton famously played field hockey in while pregnant–online today. This makes Aquatalia only the latest of many brands–including L.K. Bennett and Issa–to re-release some of Middleton's favorite pieces.

"When the Rhumba was first issued we had no idea it would be such a success, so the production was small," Rena Krasnow, the Fashion Director of Aquatalia, explained. Then Middleton came along and sales soared. According to Krasnow, every time the Duchess of Cambridge is pictured wearing the Rhumba there's a "significant" jump in traffic on Aquatalia's site.

Krasnow says Middleton has been shopping with the brand–sans stylist–since 2011, and she thinks it's precisely this sense of "authenticity" in Middleton's style that resonates most with consumers. "In my opinion, the most influential style icons today are women who buy their own clothes and wear what they like, not what they are told," she said. "Kate Middleton is the quintessential style icon, and her love for the brand comes from a very genuine place. It's an incredible compliment and endorsement."

The Rhumba retails for $698 and besides being very classic and well-made, the boots are also weatherproof–another factor that probably appealed to the sensible Duchess. You can grab your pair now at Aquatalia before they hit stores.

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