The essential French twist hairdo how-to

Classic French Twist How To
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The essential French twist hairdo how-to

Up dos always work best with some ‘stick’ in your hair, so use a prep spray such as L’Oréal’s LOCK IT FINE CONTROL Hairspray first. To start, pull up the front of your hair as though you’re doing a half-up do, and twist the section for a rolled effect. Pin the roll in place at the back of your crown.

Right beneath the pin, braid the remaining ponytail portion and secure it with a small band. This is a cool look in-and-of itself with volume and a trendy braid, but not particularly French!  Yet.

Brush the back of your hair to the right side of your head, smoothing as you go.  Use large hairpins to secure your side swept hair slightly off center, so your braid dangles over it.  If your hair underneath feels too slippery, use some hairspray for better hold (L’Oréal’s LOCK IT BOLD CONTROL Hairspray). 

Holding on to the tail of your braid with one hand, pull your pinned hair back to the left side of your head, covering the braid.  The tail will be popping out by design (it’s the key to mastering this tricky twist).

Here, even for the hair-style-challenged, is the foolproof ah-ha moment: wrap your hair around the braid, creating a croissant type twist/roll (oui: that’s the origin of the name!).  

Continue neatly wrapping your hair around the braid until you reach the tail, and secure together with an elastic. The twist will be loose, but once you’ve completed this step, the rest is a fait accompli

Simply tuck the tail of the new braid/rolled ponytail under the twist at the nape of the neck and pin.  Once the tail is secured, you can adjust (and flatten the tucked area) with more pins. Volume for a French twist is greatest at your crown; the nape should be as smooth as possible.  

Starting at the top of your now hidden braid, use large pins to secure the twist, gently tucking hair into the twist as you go to create a tight hold.  While there are myriad ways to style a twist, this sleek take begs for high shine.  Spritz on L’Oréal’s LOCK IT BOLD CONTROL Hairspray for a major staying power.

The result: a Catherine Deneuve-worthy French twist that will have your friends asking you when you got back from Paris.  Voila!


By The Beauty Experts at: L'Oréal Paris

Perpetually polished and impeccably put-together, we all envy the near mythological elegance of French women. Genealogy aside, there's one classic element of French style we can steal NOW: the French twist. Intimidated? Not! This foolproof how-to will have you saying 'ooh-la-la' to your reflection in no time.

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