The designer and Chief Creative Officer behind BCBG share their secrets for success

As one of the first shows out of the tents at New York Fashion Week, the BCBGMAXAZRIA Spring/Summer 2014 collection will line up this morning, and, as avid fans of the ultra-chic, ultra-wearable brand, it's safe to say we're pretty excited. We caught up with the man behind the brand, Max Azria, and his right-hand woman and business partner, Lubov, to talk about their roles at the iconic company. Read on to find out how the power couple keeps it all together!

StyleList: What drew you to BCBG?
Lubov Azria: The opportunity to help women feel beautiful every day. I also felt there was so much potential for our customers to become life-long supporters of the brand. BCBGMAXAZRIA provides sophisticated and wearable pieces that address all aspects of a woman's lifestyle and lets her feel confident in every moment of her day.

SL: How has your role there changed over the years?
LA: I am Chief Creative Officer, so I really focus on the creative aspect of the business and design process. However, I take part in every aspect of the support surrounding our designs such as production, distribution, marketing, advertising campaigns, public relations and so much more.

SL: What's it like working with Max? You two are clearly a great team -- how do you make it work?
LA: We have an immense level of respect for each other. Max is a visionary, and I'm detail-oriented.
Honestly, we both work together with respect, gratitude and love. At the end of the day, it isn't only about both of us but about our tremendous team. Everyone in our company is a member of our extended family.

SL: Do you ever get time to relax?
LA: I try! Balance is key to a career woman and mother like myself. I'm constantly working and on the go, so every chance I get, I want to spend time with my family. A trip to the Korean Spa never hurts either.

StyleList: What drew you to BCBG?
Max Azria: Sometimes life offers a great opportunity to create a great vision from beginning to end. BCBG has given me this opportunity.

SL: How has your role there changed over the years?
MA: Understanding how the nuts and bolts, or in this case, seams and stitches work have been invaluable to me. I started at the very bottom of the ladder and learned every aspect of the design and business. In the process we were able to create the vision for the brand.

SL: What's it like working with Lubov? You two are clearly a great team -- how do you make it work?
MA: Like all great relationships, professional or otherwise, it starts with respect. The secret to our success as a team is that we each bring something new to the table.. What makes it work, is sharing same the vision, passion and purpose

SL: You're now the Chief Creative Officer -- do you ever get time to relax?
MA: A favorite quote of mine is "Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life". I am blessed to do what I love! That being said, I work a lot and have to make time to relax. The best scenario is to combine my two great loves – family and travel! Taking a few days to explore new countries and cultures with my daughters at my side is the perfect R&R!
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