The Best of the New Summer Beauty Products

Best of Summer Beauty
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The Best of the New Summer Beauty Products
Bite Lip Gloss 15 Shades of Sephora, $48: Bite Beauty specializes in lip color, and this limited edition set was released to celebrate Sephora’s 15th anniversary. If you’re a gloss fanatic (I am!) this set has everything going for it–a rainbow of colors, adorable small tubes, and one of the best flavored products on the market.
Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Volum’Express Mascara, available late June: Maybelline usually kills it in the mascara department, and their latest launch is no exception. The new thing here is that there are two separate brushes–one for big time volume on the top lashes, and a second skinnier brush meant for lower lashes–but it also works great for general lash separation if things get clumpy.
Lorac TANtalizer Body Bronzing Spray, $32: This is the latest launch in the popular TANtalizer line. Reasons it’s good: It washes off when you want it to with soap and water (meaning it is truly temporary, for when you just want to glow for a day or so), it has a great “powder puff” for even application, and the color doesn’t transfer to your clothes. Amazingly easy to use, and I loved it even though I am not a fake tan type of person. It really evened out some imperfections on my legs and looked natural.
Sara Happ Lemonade Lip Scrub, $24: Sun, surf, and wind can cause your lips to chap in the summer. This gentle scrub gets rid of flakes and leaves a soft oil behind. Best of all, it tastes so good you will want to eat the whole little pot of it. Seriously. I wanted to put it in the freezer and eat it like sorbet.
Stila Stay All Day 3D Wet to Set Eye Shadow Trio, $24: This eye shadow trio, new for the season, is practically flawless. Why? Six perfect color palettes, gorgeous packaging, and versatility–use it dry for a softer look or wet as a liner or for richer color. I’m partial to “Safari” because I can’t get enough of shimmery khaki green eye makeup this season, but the others are good, too.
Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Vapor, $30: This is the perfect summer palette cleanser if you’re sick of bright nail colors. It’s as if Tom Ford melted down the most perfect pearl and bottled it. Who are we kidding? He probably did.
Jane Cream Eye Shadow, $7.99: Beloved cult beauty brand Jane, which shuttered a few years ago, just relaunched with a higher-end make-over. One of the standout products is this creamy eye shadow that you apply with what looks like a lip gloss wand. I was skeptical, but it DOES NOT BUDGE, even when I wore it to work out. Comes in fantastic neutral, metallic colors.
L’Oreal Visible Lift CC Cream, available in July, $12.95: This little miracle product is a CC cream for people who don’t need too much color coverage–when you want all the multi-tasking and SPF without a lot of obvious heavy color. (It comes in two shades: light/medium and medium/deep.) It contains SPF 20, anti-oxidants to correct and prevent sun damage, brightening ingredients, and dark spot reducers. And it’s super light weight, making it a good summer hydration option.
Revlon Baby Stick for Cheeks and Lips, drugstores, $7: A light multi-tasking product for cheek and lips. It’s easy to toss in your bag and it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy–gives you a bit of a glow that you can build as needed. Plus it’s the perfect size to last you through the summer before you trade up to more heavy-duty products for fall.
Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer, $40: When you’re stressed out, it can manifest in your skin in the form of inflammation, which leads to breakouts, redness, and blotchiness. Kiehl’s introduced this super light moisturizer (perfect for summer) to hydrate and take care of the unpleasantness. So relax, OK?
Napoleon Perdis Inner Rim Liner, available in July, $20: You’ve all heard the trick of putting white eye liner on your water line to make your eyes look bigger and to make you look more awake, right? Perdis tweaked it with this less harsh flesh-toned version. It looks more natural and doesn’t require the amount of futzing and smudging that bright white does. It’s a product you’ll use (and I have been using) every day.
Lip Tar Stained Gloss, $18: Lip Tar’s regular lip colors do not move all day (drag queen testimonial here), but they can get a bit matte and dry out. Meet the new glossy Lip Tars–they’ve got the same great color pay-off but with much more shine. They come in five colors including bright yellow, if you’re so inclined.
Philosophy Total Matteness Pore Eraser, $40: Summer can make your skin shiny–it’s just a fact. I have no idea how this magical serum works, but a thin coating seemingly sucked up every last bit of oil on my face, yet somehow left it soft. It’s a perfect base for a bit of BB cream, and out the door you go.
Fresh Life Fragrance, available in August at QVC: Fresh’s products all smell delish, and its fragrances are always fresh and light. The latest in the Fresh stable, Life Eau de Parfum, is my favorite of them all so far. Founder Lev Glazman wanted the fragrance to smell the way it does when he’s hanging out by a lake in the country, so it has notes of earth, air, sun and water. To be more specific: citrus, cucumber, bergamot, and magnolia. It is summer in a bottle.
Eve Lom Eye Lift, $75: I make no secret of the fact that I’m addicted to eye creams. I’ve tried them all. This one hydrates, contains retinol that’s formulated to be safe for the eye area (some can be too harsh), and brightens. Truly eye-opening. Heh.
When you walk into Sephora or your local drugstore and are confronted with all the new seasonal beauty launches, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out what's really new and different. What's worth spending some of that hard-earned paycheck on?

Lucky for you, we have spent hours swiping, patting, and spritzing in order to bring you our picks for the best launches of the season.

From perennial drugstore faves like Maybelline mascara to the highest end nail lacquer (that would be Tom Ford, duh), click through for our new summer beauty products we think deserve a place in your stash.

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