The best eye creams that pack a punch

The Best Eye Creams That Pack A Punch
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The best eye creams that pack a punch

Only a dermatologist could make a retinol we would smear on our sensitive lids. Vitamin E and green tea soothe; hyaluronic acid locks in water.

Available at, $95.

Plant stem cells and humanely collected bee toxin (melittin) rehydrate puckered skin, increase its elasticity, and take the sting out of the whole getting older thing.

Available, $140.

The travel-ready pump doles out shots of moisture on long flights. Use it the next morning to give jet-lagged eyes a natural (looking) luminosity.

Available at, $136.

At first glance, this transparent gel looks like the dessert course at the International Space Station. It’s actually an enzyme peel that re-texturizes under eyes by eating away at dead skin cells.

Available at, $65.

Hit the antiaging jackpot with this little pot o’ gold filled with rich, collagen-stimulating cream.

Available at, $275.

It might be the little sister to one of our top face serums, but the eye-lift-in-a-bottle deserves its time in the spotlight.

Available at, $115.

There is nothing fishy about a Scandinavian import that flattens bags and softens crinkles with the help of caffeine, antioxidant-rich berries, and Arctic salmon roe.

Available at, $85.

The gentle (but effective) Stockholm-born line uses a patented vitamin A-based formula that is eight times more powerful than run-of-the-mill retinoids.

Available at, $80.

Nerd out over the high-tech formula (yeast extract, rosemary, vitamin A, and anti-aging biotechnologies) that lifts sad, sagging skin the first day. You won’t believe your you-know-what.

Available at, $60.

Keep the lipgloss-like tube in your purse and reach for it throughout the day. A metallic end deflates bags, miniscule mica particles reflect light, and the creamy formula fades circles over time.

Available at, $39.50.

Practice your mini massage technique by twirling the swiveling applicator above and below eyes twice a day. The serum lightens areas around the brow bone, and a cool metal tip smooths puffy skin.

Available at, $68.

The holistic skin care specialist treats irritated eyes the all-natural way with organic elderberry, parsley, black currant, and red raspberry seed oils.

Available at, $58.

For those who want to look as good as the French without turning down the last slice of cheesecake.

Available at, $29.

Get scientific with the detoxifying super serum that eliminates skin toxins while triggering cellular regeneration.

Available at, $70.

We wish we could get eight hours of sleep every night. Although, looking that way will do. A dab of LiftLab Lift & Firm eye cream that aims to depuff and dewrinkle should do the trick.

Available at, $95.

Promoting lymphatic drainage, the icy-to-the-touch roller ball of the natural serum wakes up tired eyes faster than a double espresso. The potent cocktail of tomato and raspberry stem cells and BioNymph peptide reduces inflammation and signs of aging and stimulates collagen production. 

Available at, $210.

We declare La Prairie’s pricey formula (golden caviar, caffeine, and other natural extracts) a solid investment. Our tester’s delicate under-eye skin was noticeably brighter and smoother in less than a week with morning and night applications.

Available at, $265.

This royal jelly, chamomile, and cucumber eye cream is a savior for sensitive peepers prone to puffiness.

Available at, $18.

When waking up is hard to do, this morning eye gel eases your pain. It has a refreshing scent, absorbs quickly, provides a good base for makeup, and even gives the area around our eyes a subtle glow.

Available at, $38.

If it didn’t happen to our own eyes, we wouldn’t have believed it: a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles in less than two weeks.

Available at, $125.

A must-have in every girls skincare regimen should be eye cream, and it's one area that you shouldn't aim to pinch pennies. If your drugstore product isn't exactly cutting it anymore, it may be time to step up the the big leagues. Click through the gallery above to find some of our best recommendations to help keep you looking fresh and wrinkle-free.

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