The best and worst Halloween beauty

Best and worst celebrity halloween beauty
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The best and worst Halloween beauty
We're not sure what happened here, but Hilary has reached ultimate raccoon status with that eyeliner. 
Lauren Conrad does The Great Gatsby just right, with a bold red lip and just the right amount of eyeliner. 
Oh, Janet...that moustache is really something else. 
Bella Thorne doesn't let her over-the-top costume compete with her simple, natural makeup look. 
Anne Hathaway had the right idea here, but that orange-y copper eyeshadow just isn't quite right. 
Pink is really putting the 'sad' in sad clown with this botched makeup job. 
Kim Kardashian looks positively spooky...and not in a good way.
Well, this picture of Snooki is just truly terrifying. 
Blake Lively knows how to work the brunette bob wig.
Fergie, what have you done with your hair?
Miranda Kerr's bold red lip works perfectly with her costume. 
Is there a bird or two hiding in Chrissy Teigen's hair? We're not sure, but maybe her hairstylist was pulling a Halloween prank. 
Petyon List's Raggedy Ann makeup is certainly raggedy, alright. 
This blue lipstick on Minnie Driver just isn't quite doing it for us.
Halloween is the time to get crazy with hair and makeup, but some celebrities take it way too far.

Click through the gallery to see the best and worst celebrity beauty looks from Halloweens past!

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