'The Bachelor' fashion recap: Bikinis in the snow, terrifying costumes, and more

Bachelor Fashion Recap
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'The Bachelor' fashion recap: Bikinis in the snow, terrifying costumes, and more
Clare's winter wonderland date outfit started off on the right track, with a shearling-trimmed leather jacket. Things took a turn for the worse later, when she threw a furry-hooded parka on over her bikini before jamming out to an impromptou, totally random and surprising concert in the faux snow. 
So, this happened. Juan Pablo and Kat took a private plane to the Electric Run in Salt Lake City, and while JP looks cute and almost normal, Kat's outfit erred on the side of tragic. 
We can only assume the producers chose Kat's unfortunate get-up for her. Leg warmers and cropped zip-up vest with a rainbow heart? Why not. 
The first group date featured a photo shoot, in which the girls wore all sorts of embarrassing ensembles schemed up by an ambiguous "Creative Director". Here's the before shot, with most of the girls looking like normal people in sundresses or tanks and shorts. 
Assistant DA Andi won us over on the group date with her long pendant necklace and messy, ombre braid. She gets our rose for best dressed of the night.
Chelsie was the first victim of the Creative Director's delusions. The Afro is supposed to match the dog she's posing with. We're not seeing the connection here, but OK, Creative Director. 
And finally, "Dog Lover" Kelly is the recipient of this completely bizarre and nonsensical spotted look (we may have let out a scream or two upon seeing it), dreamed up of course by the Creative Director. First-grade teacher Elise got to wear a fire hydrant costume, which, to be honest, was one of the lesser offenses of the evening. 

The second episode of Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor aired last night. Actually, it was something more like the 75th episode if you count all the behind-the-scenes specials that have aired by now, but we wouldn't know because we've obviously been too busy talking about the Golden Globes.

Anyway, back to The Bachelor -- the second episode contains lots (and we mean LOTS) of unfortunate attire, mixed in with a few cute looks that didn't involve body paint or wigs.

For our full fashion recap of last night's episode, click through the gallery.
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