The 6 most stylish short haircuts

The 6 Most Stylish Short Haircuts
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The 6 most stylish short haircuts

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway's gamine style is rounded "like a modern bowl cut," says hairstylist Tommy Buckett, but with airy, razored ends to "give it a little more movement and softness." The volume at the top and on the sides balances out longer face shapes. Buckett suggests blow-drying with a paddle brush for a romantic, side-swept look and the perfect amount of body.

ALLURE TIP: Straight, blunt lines can look too masculine and severe on shorter styles. Keep the cut feminine with textured, wispy ends.

Audrey Tautou

If you're on the curlier side of the spectrum like Audrey Tautou, embrace your natural texture with a shaggy pixie. Ask your stylist to cut it an inch longer than the classic style, with the sides and back slightly shorter than the top (don't be surprised if he decides to cut it dry—"the curls will be more free-flowing and sculpted, instead of having hard, thick lines," says Buckett).

ALLURE TIP: For added texture and hold, twist the ends with a tiny dab of pomade. We like Serge Normant Meta Form Sculpting Pomade.

Halle Berry

In honor of the ultimate short hair muse, we dub this cut The Halle—closely cropped on the sides and in the back, with a longer, slightly layered top. "It's really versatile," Buckett explains. "You can flatiron it straight, wear it all spiky, or slick it back." To re-create Berry's "messy, texturized" look, prep damp hair with a beach spray, then blow-dry the layers straight.

Elisabeth Moss

"I love this cut. She looks like a celebrity," Buckett says of the "loose, whimsical" chop he did for Elisabeth Moss. "It's a softer, longer version of a pixie, so she still feels like she has hair." Buckett kept the bangs heavy and long, hitting roughly at the brow bone, and just "chipped into it" to feather the ends. This cut flatters most face shapes because of the extra length in the front, and wispy pieces over the ears soften a strong jawline. 

ALLURE TIP: Go with intense, rich colors—like Moss's bright blonde or a deep brown—since medium shades can look dull and boring on short styles.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams's jagged cut is the perfect low-commitment look "for the girl who wants her hair short, but could grow it out superquickly," says Buckett. The sides and back are close to one inch long, but the top layers, cut at about six or seven inches, provide texture and make growing it out a breeze. In the meantime, "you can do anything with it," Buckett says. "You can twist it up, or if you want, you can hide the sides and back with all the hair coming down. It works on everyone and with a lot of textures." 

ALLURE TIP: Short hair requires frequent trips to the salon for maintenance. See your stylist about every four weeks to keep your cut fresh—or to transition through a grow-out.

Miley Cyrus

The award for Best Short Cut of 2013 goes to Miley Cyrus. It's dramatic. It's ballsy. It's way more versatile than we ever thought a short style could be. The sides are buzzed (Buckett recommends a #2 clip, no shorter) and the Mohawk section is a rough-cut two and a half inches long. Of all the short looks, "it's the most extreme," says Buckett, but "it's still feminine because it's not a skinny Mohawk. It spans from the outer corner of one eye to the other." Here, four of our favorite ways to style it:

• Pompadour: To get the styled height of this look, apply a handful of volumizing mousse—try Dove Style+Care Nourishing Amplifier Mousse—to damp hair, then blow-dry back and to one side, using your fingers to lift the roots and sweep the hair over. 

• Spiked: "Get your hair a little dirty with this," suggest Buckett. Spike the hair straight up with a matte-finish pomade and add more to the ends as needed for a messy, piecey texture—"the more product the better." 

• Smooth: For a sleeker look, smooth a light, heat-protecting serum, like John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Thermal Protection Formula, through damp strands. Then blow-dry with a paddle brush, directing hair forward and down toward the face. 

• Updo: Although this isn't technically an updo, it is the most styled and polished of the looks. Use a small round brush to blow-dry the hair into a soft loop with plenty of body. "Just twirl it away from the face as it's drying, and finish with a light hair spray," says Buckett.

ALLURE TIP: Balance out harsh short cuts by playing up your most feminine features—eyelashes and lips. Keep plenty of mascara and lip gloss on rotation.

You don't need a breakup -- or any excuse for that matter -- to inspire a serious chop. The newest short cuts are feminine, flattering, and just plain cool.

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