The 4 best Instagram-inspired back to school manicures

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The 4 best Instagram-inspired back to school manicures
StyleList Contributor Canned Fashion spices up the traditional polish with a colorful rainbow of micro-beads to create the perfect caviar mani.
StyleList Contributor Fiore Beauty's hot pink nails are a fabulous way to pop out on the first day back on campus.
StyleList Contributor Karla's Closet shows off some beyond gorgeous bling, but we're also loving her black nails that are polished to perfection.
With her black and white polka dot mani, Fiore Beauty channels her whimsical side.

Heading back to college can be stressful, which is why one of our favorite distractions from diving into a new semester full of work is to focus our energy on making sure our nails are as fab as can be.

If we're going to be sitting in a lecture hall bored to tears at 9 AM, we might as well look good, right? So now that you've picked out the perfect back to school haircut, it's time to get your nails in shape.

We turned to some of our favorite fashion bloggers who make up the StyleList Contributor Network to give us mani inspiration straight from our fave iPhone addiction, Instagram.

Click through the gallery to find your perfect back to school nail look!

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