The 16 biggest trends from Fashion Month

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The 16 biggest trends from Fashion Month
This was a big one. Approximately 100 designers used fringe in some way this season, and that was just on our last count. Not that this is anything new: fringe has been trending for the past few seasons.
The bohemian lifestyle was tapped again and again, a trend that made for some of the season's most fun, colorful looks.
A chic white polo neck was a popular styling choice and is set to become a staple for the fall 2015 wardrobe. It really does go with everything.
Athletic clothing doesn't have to be so casual that it can't make the transition to something a little more suitable for outside the gym, and that's where "athleisure" comes in.
Wide-legged cropped pants? This one's a no brainer — and definitely very '70s.
Wes Anderson was name checked several times as a point of inspiration. Seeing how hot "The Grand Budapest Hotel" was this past Awards Season, we're not too surprised.
Victorian-inspired, high-neck blouses were especially popular, arguably influenced by the Met's "Death Becomes Her," an exhibit referenced by various designers.
A classic workplace favorite, this unfortunately-named trend can actually work just about anywhere.
Everyone was on their fur game this season, real or faux. One of the most popular fur trends was an adornment around the neck as a collar. Warm, indeed.
Another trend focused on warmth, coats often hit floor lengths this season, coming in just about every shape, color and fabric.
You'll certainly have your choice of how to drape yourself next fall because it seemed like everyone put their own version of a cape on the runway.
Often layered, loose-fitting ribbed knits gave looks a comfortable and slouchy feeling.

When discussing the trends of the fall 2015 season, one only needs to refer to two things: there was the '70s, and then there was the cold.

We might as well just end it right there - because that is, really, all you need to know. Basically every big trend revolved around these two categories. We understand the focus on warmth - we saw some record-breaking winter temperatures this year, so why not start protecting against the freeze in the chicest manner possible? Designers seemed to all wonder the same thing: what's the best way to keep my customer both warm and fabulous?

Meanwhile, the '70s as a trend certainly isn't a novel idea, though it was a surprise to see that every city embraced it with the same enthusiasm. London was an exciting mix of everything from the '60s through to the '90s, but the Me Decade was the overwhelming winner of the season.

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