The 10 Best Movie Prom Dresses and How To Wear Them Today

Best Prom Dresses in Movies
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The 10 Best Movie Prom Dresses and How To Wear Them Today

She's All That

This is the big reveal in the movie, when Laney Boggs (as played by Rachel Leigh Cook) shows us there was a hot chick hiding under those overalls the whole time (I know, who would have thought!). Make like Laney and show off what your mamma gave you in a body-hugging black dress from BCBG.

Let’s face it: Andie Walsh’s homemade polka-dotted, pouffy-sleeved, pastry pink prom frock did not exactly stand the test of time. This River Island dress shares some of the original’s flare (and neckline) but without all the terrible 80s-ness.
Kat Stratford’s grey spaghetti strap dress is elegant and pretty without being overdone, and could easily work for today’s prom–though we can’t say the same for her shawl/scarf thingy (which seemed to have once been a prom staple) nor her updo’d hair. We’d recommend jazzing the gown up a little with a thigh-high slit and some cool straps, a la this Club Monaco dress.
Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan single-handedly made teen girls everywhere want to wear converses to prom. And date men who are hundreds of years older than them. Anyhow, Adrianna Papell’s tiered chiffon gown is kind of a dead-ringer for the one in the movie, and would look elegant and pretty at any prom. Sneakers optional.
Before the pig’s blood got all over it, Carrie’s dress was actually pretty chic. You can work a similar look with a pretty pale pink slip dress (this one’s from Pink Memories).
Get down like Danny Zucco and Sandy in a pretty yellow pastel frock with a 1950s silhouette. This one’s from Zara.
We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that Buffy is wearing an actual wedding dress to her prom. Yeah, we wouldn’t recommend that. But a pretty white frock, with a similar neckline (this one by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania) would do the trick.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

As Romy and Michele would have told you, theirDesperately Seeking Susan outfits were so totallycutting edge at the time, however in 2012…not so much. You can still get the vibe, without going overboard, with a pretty lace black dress, like this one from Whistles.

This was one of the tougher ones. In the movie, Josie Geller (played by Drem Barrymore) goes as Rosalind from Shakespeare’s As You Like It, and her Renaissance -inspired gown though pretty, probably wouldn’t fly at a regular prom. Instead get the look with a romantic, vintage-inspired gown likethis beaded one from Sue Wong.
Hermione ditched her cloak and normally bushy do for a regal pink gown and romantic updo. Make a similar transformation in this tiered gown from JS Collections.

For most of us, our earliest memories of Prom happened on the big screen. Movies like Pretty in Pink, She's All That, and Never Been Kissed (depending on your age) all played at least a minor role in your expectations of the big night.

And while some of those expectations may have been a wee misguided (we've never heard of a high school simultaneously breaking out into perfectly choreographed dance routines, for instance...) there's one area that the movies do offer some valid inspiration for: The wardrobes.

From Bella Swan's classy teal gown, to Romy and Michelle's hilarious Desperately Seek Susan outfits, relive some of the movie's best prom outfits–and how you can update them for today.

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