Taylor Swift changed outfits approximately 19 times in the 'Blank Space' music video

Taylor Swift Blank Space
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Taylor Swift changed outfits approximately 19 times in the 'Blank Space' music video
Starting off the video in a racy lingerie look, complete with a lace sleeping mask and sheer gloves. 
Continuing the black and lacy theme with a walk down the stairs. 
Wearing a beaded, Jenny Packham-esque look at the dinner table. 
In printed pants and a crop top for a casual bike ride around the library...because why not? 
Wearing another evening stunner. 
Painting a portrait in a collared button-down. 
Wearing yet another black gown to walk the dogs. Naturally. 
This equestrian look actually appears fairly accurate and not too outlandish. 
This floral appliqué gown is kinda stunning. We're hoping she wore this one to somewhere other than another room in her house. 
Adjusting artwork in more formal attire. 
Cute and casual -- now we're talking! 
Red lips, sunnies, and a halter dress for a romantic picnic. Spoiler alert: This is where things go awry. 
Because a cute bandeau top is completely necessary for dropping an ex-boyfriend's phone into a swimming pool. 
Forget the dress -- can we live here? 
Having a moment (on the floor, in heels, next to a goat) in leopard print. 
Fact: Smashing an ex's car to smithereens with a golf club requires a matchy-matchy set. 
In a similar vein, cutting up an ex-lover's shirt is a good excuse to pull out that fit-and-flare from the back of your closet.
Aaand we're back to the artwork, this time in red (accessorized with a knife). 

And now we've come full circle -- back to a darker, edgier look for the grand finale. 


Unless you've been hiding under a rock today, you're probably aware that Taylor Swift's second single off her '1989' album, 'Blank Space' was leaked a day earlier than it was supposed to be. If you haven't watched it yet, we highly suggest taking a peek, because it's seriously awesome.

In 'Blank Space', Taylor addresses her image in the media as the crazy ex-girlfriend type. You know, the one who writes songs shaming all her ex-lovers. The entire video pokes fun of this perception of Taylor, showing her courting and eventually breaking up with a guy, all while hanging out on the grounds of a palatial estate somewhere in the countryside. More importantly, she goes through no less than 19 (yes, 19) outfit changes throughout the entirety of the four minute video. That's at least five outfits per minute, if you want to get specific. TBH, we don't really get how she did it, because we were getting tired just looking at it.

We cataloged the looks, which range from evening gowns to cutesy separate sets, for your viewing pleasure. Click through the gallery to see them all.

You can watch the entire video, set to officially release on Tuesday, below.
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