T-Shirt Transformation: How to Make Your Own Graphic Tee

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T-Shirt Transformation: How to Make Your Own Graphic Tee

To create your own signature pattern, think outside the box. Head to your favorite hardware store and pick out a piece of sheet metal with a pre-cut pattern.  Who knew that a something intended for vents could be so fashionable? 

Now, gather the rest of your materials: t-shirts, a piece of cardboard, a paper plate, tape, sponge brushes and fabric paint. As far as paint color, we’re all in with the metallic craze, but you can also go with fun neons or more subdued colors that complement your shirt. 

Place the piece of cardboard inside the shirt. This prevents the paint from bleeding through and creates a smooth work surface. 

Get creative when placing the sheet metal. You can go centered, diagonal, stripes or any angle you like. Once you’ve settled on placement, tape down the metal so it doesn’t move during the painting process. 

Give your fabric paint a few shakes then pour it on a paper plate. Now use your sponge brush to paint over the sheet metal stencil, making sure you get an even coat on your shirt. 

Once you’ve finished painting, relax for about 20 minutes before removing your stencil - to ensure that your paint is fully dry. 

With a little creative stencil sourcing, you can transform your old t-shirts from drab to fab. So this summer, become your own DIY designer. 


Transforming a tired old shirt into a trendy graphic tee is easier than you might think. All you have to do is add your own pop of pattern. Create your own stenciled look in little to no time with this fun DIY.

Click the gallery above for a step-by-step tutorial to make your own graphic tee.

DIY: Personalized Graphic Tee Made Easy

DIY: Personalized Graphic Tee Made Easy
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