Surprising ways to burn calories

9 surprising ways to burn calories
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Surprising ways to burn calories
Spend approximately thirty minutes rearranging the furniture in your living room or bedroom. Feel the burn in your muscles the next day, and be rewarded with a fresh look for your home.
Forget about missionary: get on top and burn calories while you give your core a mean workout. Take your time though; this activity only works if you go at it for a while!
Chewing gum may not be the most sophisticated way to burn calories--or the fastest, but two hours a day will burn up to 25, plus it'll stop you from mindless grazing.
Eating spicy foods gets your heart rate up and revs up your metabolism. Next time you and your sweetie are choosing the restaurant, suggest Mexican or Thai cuisine.
Rearranging the dollhouse or putting together a puzzle won't quite do it, but vigorous exercise with your kiddos for ninety minutes or so will ensure that you burn calories while spending quality time with your kids.
Got a friend that loves texting as much as you do? See how long the two of you can keep up a text-only conversation because the faster your fingers move, the more calories you're whisking away. An hour gets results!
If you're the family's sole laundry practitioner, you can start smiling because between schlepping the heavy loads from the kids' rooms to the laundry room to sorting through the piles and ultimately folding and putting everything away (for roughly two hours) means you are getting in some unexpected exercise.
Like butter-free popcorn, celery takes more energy to chew than the average food item. When you're not too hungry but need a satisfying crunch, reach for a few stalks and get your metabolism up and running while you watch your favorite show.
Pushing the cart as it grows heavier with each passing aisle has the power to kill some calories. It's a chore that has to be done regularly, and now you can embrace it, knowing that you're shedding calories as you do it.
Run, bike, swim or climb. Take a CrossFit class, a SoulCycle session or a 90-minute yoga power practice. These physical activities burn calories. Lots of them, too, depending on how hard you push yourself and how intense you allow the workout to be. Exercising to lose weight or maintain a certain fitness level isn't news, of course. What may be surprising is how many of our daily (non-fitness focused) activities can rack up the calorie burn. Instead of dreading your family's big weekly grocery shop, think of it as a calorie-burning workout (200 in over an hour) and realize that really, you're killing two birds with one stone.

We're not suggesting you give up your gym membership, but it's fun to note that many of the things we do regularly as part of our daily routines have the power to get our heart rates up and our metabolisms going.

We've rounded up a list of unusual calorie-burning activities that burn anywhere from 50 calories in a sitting (yes, you read that right: some of what we found doesn't even require getting off your butt!) to 500 calories in over an hour of activity that is still decidedly not exercise.

Click through the slideshow above for nine intriguing calorie burns that you'll want to add to your weekly to-do list stat!

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