Supermodel secrets revealed! Molly Sims shows you how to get a sun-kissed look

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Supermodel secrets revealed! Molly Sims shows you how to get a sun-kissed look
“I MEAN...OB-sessed. YSL’s Touché Eclat is such a classic. It’s definitely one of my go-to’s. I use number 2. Most people put their concealer on first before they begin the rest of their makeup. One of my supermodel secrets is actually to put it on last! It gives me a better idea of what areas I need to brighten and cover up.”
“Babor foundation is fantastic. Here’s a tip: match the color of your foundation to the color of your chest and blend upwards starting at your neck. This will help you create an even tan and natural looking glow.”
“I love, love, love Chantecaille cream blush. “Mood” is a great
shade, but it of course depends on your skin tone! Tapping it in on the apples of your cheeks and even across your nose gives you a great, natural rosey tint.”
“Contouring is so, so, so important. A fan brush will really help do the trick. Lightly dab the brush along your cheekbone and follow it to your ear. I know this sounds crazy, but if you suck your cheeks in and follow the natural shadow of your cheekbone it will look perfect!”
“What would contouring be without a highlighter? High Beam by Benefit adds the perfect tint of shimmer to your cheeks. Using a round tear-drop shaped brush will make all the difference. Brush the highlighter along your cheek above the contour line and blend for the perfect radiant glow."
“Lip balm finishes off any look, but the perfect sun-kissed glow looks even more complete with a moisturized, shiny lip. I love, love, love Rosebud Salve. It keeps my lips smooth throughout the day and gives them a really natural sheen. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s super inexpensive.”
“In my opinion, no makeup look is complete without some great lashes. I love Givenchy mascara. Personally, I love a fat brissel. It gives the lashes a really plump, voluminous look. And always make sure you start at the root of your lash line and get jiggy with it. This way, you don’t miss any lashes. But most importantly, curl, curl, curl! Always curl your lashes before a mascara application.”

It's almost spring, but we not quite there yet! At this point, like us, you're probably tired of pale, dry skin and in need of a major sun-kissed look. While trips to the beach may be in your future, we've got the best tricks to get a sun-kissed look right now!

With the help of our guest editor Molly Sims, check out how she gets this look with the help of celebrity makeup artist Joey Maalouf. Molly explains step by step how to get this flawless look in the gallery above!

We've got the products used on Molly!

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