Steal vs. Splurge: Summer Essentials At Every Price

Sumer Essentials At Every Price
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Somehow, we're already almost to the end of June-hello! So before the season passes you by completely, it's time to stock up some summer essentials. Between the sunglasses and the sandals, the beach bag and bikini, there are enough items on your list to eat up your entire paycheck. But what's the point of looking stylish if you can't afford to go out?

Cue our splurge vs. steal summer edition, where we not only show you exactly what to buy this summer but also show you options at both ends of the pay scale. Sure, there are those who might be able to spend on that perfect summer dress and the shoes to go with it. But that might not be the reality for all of us-unless we're cutting our cable or staying in all week. So you've got the option: summer dress or swimsuit, denim shorts or seasonal jewelry. Or if you're lucky, maybe C., all of the above.

Now I realized when I was talking what to spend your money on for summer in the office a few weeks ago that not everyone is in agreement. For example, I love swimsuits and probably have more of them than I can actually wear in one vacation. But I would never spend that much money on them. The look on my coworker's face when I announced this told me she certainly didn't share my strategy. Same goes for sunglasses-I would rather buy them off the street than spend more than $35 for them. This was met with shocked looks around the room.

It may seem like there isn't much for summer that I'd spend my money on. This might be partly true-I much prefer to shop for fall, and I think it's then that it's important to spend on quality items. But if that's my shopping strategy, it doesn't necessarily have to be yours. Go ahead and splurge on that straw beach bag or strappy sandal-you may just look chicer for it.

When it comes to what to buy for summer there are no right answers. So we've rounded up the essentials for summer and shopped them out at various price points so you can choose exactly what to spend your money on this season.

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