Summer Beauty Quiz: Are You Summer Beauty Ready?

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Summer Beauty Quiz: Are You Summer Beauty Ready?
With all-day play in the sun and in the waves, too, stay protected with a water-resistant sunscreen. Pick a sunscreen like Coppertone Sport 30 C-Spray that can keep up with all of your summer plans.
Apply a water proof mascara before a swim to maintain an effortless beauty look all day long. Water proof mascaras give gorgeous voluminously curled eyelashes without the risk of raccoon eyes at the beach.
After about five shaves, most blades tend to become dull or bring discomfort. While this does vary depending on the blade and person-to-person care of the use, it's safest to keep razor blade use at five to avoid irritation and cuts.
Toss your lipstick if you've experienced a serious sickness like strep-throat. Its strong bacteria puts you at risk for recurring infection.
In addition to makeup with sunscreen, apply a layer of sunscreen for maximum protection this summer. Both work together to ensure a healthy (and happy!) summer.
Don't get us wrong, loofahs are one of our favorite shower items! Just be sure to let the puff dry completely and hang it somewhere it out of the shower to avoid breeding bacteria.
On average, healthy hair and a moisturized scalp can be achieved by washing hair every other day. This varies based on physical activity and oil production, however.

In between polish changes, stick to a clear nail polish that promotes healthy, growing nails. Try painting the inside tip of your nail every so often for strong nails ready to sport the next hot nail color trend.

Stay fresh-faced and oil-free this summer by sticking to a regular face wash regiment of at least twice a day.

A clay facial mask moisturizes feet just as well as foot scrubs. Save money and turn a facial product into a two-for-one by exfoliating your feet with a facial mask. After a good soak in warm water, apply and scrub the mask to rid your summer footsies of dry skin.


There's going to be a lot of sweltering heat, drying conditions and, sadly, a few sweaty days this summer. Think you're ready for all that the summer sun will bring to your beauty regiment? Prove it! Take our summer beauty quiz and see if you've got what it take on this season's challenges.

Click through the gallery above for 10 questions that put your summer beauty skills to the test.
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