Contributor Beauty Awards: Meet the judges

Meet the Judges
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Contributor Beauty Awards: Meet the judges
Molly and Sally Miller from A Piece of Toast. Read all about these amazing sisters here.
Teni Penosian, aka  Miss Maven, is a Los Angeles-based blogger and actress and knows pretty much everything there is to know when it comes to beauty. 
The gorgeous Taye Hansberry of Stuff She Likes is putting our makeup nominees to the test! 
Donna believes that style and beauty should be accessible, so we knew she was the perfect choice for makeup, a tricky category. 
Chassity Evans knows how to spot a beautiful piece, whether it's clothing, home decor, or a gorgeous lipstick. 
Ellie Eckert of City Brewed joins our panel of judges for hair products. When you see her long bob you'll be jealous of her hair, too. 
Emilee Anne's enviable ombré waves had to be on our panel of hair judges. She's also a jewelry designer for one of our favorite brands - read all about her here.
Kailani Andrade of Kailani's Korner says she's J.Crew meets Urban Outfitters - and we love it.
We're a little obsessed with Kat's wave situation, so it was pretty obvious to us which category she'd be judging. 
Megan from Wit & Whimsy brings a blonde perspective to our panel of hair judges!
Nikia is a model who frequently features her highly covetable nail art on her blog
New Yorker Serena Goh knows a thing or two about making a mani-pedi last. 
Natalie Dressed's easy California style is effortlessly chic. And she's already putting her polishes to work!
Salt Lake City-based Sasha brings a little Western perspective to the nails category. 
When it comes to polish, this girl's tried them all. 
Mary Summers of M.A.S. Fashion has impeccable taste and flawless skin. We can't wait to share her picks for top skin products!
Kendal is always glowing in her outfit photos, so we trust she'll find us the very best in skincare right now. 
Somehow, An manages to maintain a gorgeous complexion while living in smog-filled Los Angeles. Naturally, we thought she'd be the right fit for skin. 
Sabrina of A New Mode frequently blogs about dating, so we trust she'll keep a guy's perspective in mind when it comes to her product picking. 
Between her acting and styling experience, Grasie has been around the block when it comes to skincare products. 

At StyleList, we're always testing and trying out the latest beauty products, but sometimes, there's just so much stuff (Wrinkle-reducing pillowcases! Illuminating self-tanners!), that we can't possibly do it all ourselves.

So, we called in for reinforcement from the best source we know -- our Contributor Network, which encompasses the best fashion and beauty blogs out there. When it comes to beauty, these girls have seen and tried it all too, so they're naturally who decided to trust as judges for our first-ever beauty awards.

The StyleList Contributor Beauty Awards are based off of some of our personal favorite products and brands -- our editors brainstormed a list of their top product picks in makeup, hair, skin, and nails, and then asked our contributors to help us choose the very best of the best.

While the results won't be final for two more weeks, we thought we'd introduce you to our panel of judges now anyway. If Instagram is any indication, they've been hard at work testing their samples over the past month -- see here and here for a little sneak peak.
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