Style tips to make your morning better (with kids)

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Style tips to make your morning better (with kids)

"I love the Wet Brush and Fairy Tales detangler. The Wet Brush is the best I have found in 12 years of doing little girls unruly hair. Fairy Tales claims to keep away lice. So far, so good in my house. I am knocking on my desk with one hand as I type this with the other. Fewer knots before bed mean fewer tears in the morning."

"Another trick, keep all your hair supplies in one place. Makes for an easier time getting them ready."
Keep her hairstyle simple. She is not walking the runway. She will learn just as well with a cute ponytail as she will with an elaborate masterpiece.

Lay out clothes the night before. I know this seems obvious, but you actually have to do it. When all you want is for your kids to go to sleep, so you can have half an hour to yourself, think about the horror of the morning. “This is too tight.” “I’m not wearing that!” “I have nothing to weeeeeeaaaaar.” “Mom!!!!!”

"I have threatened my kids with private school and uniforms many a morning. Some days I have actually started to write the tuition check. Uniforms keep it simple. You can do the same with school clothes."

"If she likes dresses, invest in several."

"If he will only wear cargo pants, fill his drawers with them. As much as you would like to mix it up, is it really worth the hassle?"

"If they need to do everything themselves, stick to elastic waistbands and Velcro sneakers. Avoid difficult closures, tight necks and tricky sweaters."

"Finally, and most importantly, let it go. If he wants to wear a striped pink shirt with plaid pants, embrace his inner golfer. If she only wants to wear sweatpants, channel Mia Hamm and call it a morning. Your job is to make sure they are clean, fed and well rested. If they go to school looking less than fashionable, believe me, you are the only one who will notice. Everyone else is too busy managing their own morning madness."

Nothing can ruin a morning quicker than a wardrobe malfunction or an unmanageable bed head. There have been days I have turned from Mary Poppins to Cruella De Vil so fast Sybil would've been envious. I have dropped my daughter off at school in tears, because the morning was such a disaster. Then, the guilt crushes me all day. She, according to her teachers, barely misses a beat and forgets the whole episode.

For your sanity, make your morning routine as easy as possible. Get up before your kids so you can breathe for five minutes, keep breakfast simple, make lunches the night before and make sure homework is signed and in backpacks before bedtime.

As for the ultimate morning crusher, getting dressed, take heed of this advice in the gallery above!
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