Style Throwback: The Wildest and Wackiest of the MTV Movie Awards

Style Throwback: MTV Movie Awards
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Style Throwback: The Wildest and Wackiest of the MTV Movie Awards

Can you guess who these people are? Well, frankly, neither could we. Robert Downey Jr. is rocking a a baggy suit (accessorized with a coffee thermos?!) and Virginia Madsen chose head-to-toe plaid. 

Father of the Bride may or may not be one of our favorite flicks, so we're zipping our lips on Kimberly Williams' pin-striped and cut-out cocktail dress. Hey, it was the '90s! 

Cindy Crawford always looks flawless, even in what appears to be a dominatrix costume. 

That is some seriously radical fringe on Halle Berry's crop top. Luckily she's got the bod to pull it off. 

Oh Sharon Stone, we wish you hadn't pulled out this black wig for an awards show, but if there was ever an appropriate place, we guess MTV is it. 

Hopefully Marisa Tomei kept that floral headband - she could totally wear it to Coachella. The pants on the other hand? They can stay in 1993.

Before he was Trey MacDougal on Sex and the City, Kyle MacLachlan liked to rock silk pants. That explains a lot. 

Christina has changed her look up, down and all around, but here in February 2001 she's paired a dark tan with those braids.

We're not sure the Hawaiian shirt look works on Jackie Chan, but at least he's owning it in this shot.  

Claire Danes is usually ahead of the curve sartorially, but we're not a fan of this look.  True, separates are in, but this is separates gone wrong!

We're not sure if it's pajamas or a suit that Jenny McCarthy's wearing, but it sure looks comfortable!

Patricia Arquette's black dress is more than tight - it's like a second skin... and it does not look comfy.

Yowza! Fairuza Balk is showing some serious skin with that midriff-baring dress. 

We love a good leopard print, but Neve Campbell is taking it to a whole 'nother level with a skirt and pair or shoes. Side note: is that black strap from her bra or the top? Either way, we're not a big fan!

Gwen Stefani's canary yellow crop top might be competing with her platinum blonde hair, but at least it's a distraction from those chunky shoes.

We're not sure what's more blinding - Carmen Electra's white cut-out dress or her faux glow! 

Yes, that is Jim Carrey. And yes, we're at a loss for words.

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos might win the award for shortest dress we've ever spotted on a red carpet. 

A vaguely medieval feeling, high-slit silk kimono style dress and a wacky pose...we really wouldn't expect anything less from Courtney Love. 

We might be guilty of fangirl-ing over these boys back in the day, but yikes! There's a lot we could say about the looks sported by the members of 'N Sync, but we're going to refrain. However, we're more than a little relieved JT has abandoned his cornrows and Lance Bass no longer rocks frosted tips. 

Janet Jackson must have been going for the doom and gloom vibe with this look. 

We're starting to think Halle Berry has quite the crop top collection. 

Ananda Lewis wasn't afraid to bare it all, showing off some serious chest (and leg?) cleavage in this wacky getup.

Pink has the right idea when it comes to accessories. Why don't puppies on the red carpet happen more often? It's a welcome (and adorable) distraction from the mess of colors she's wearing!

Mya takes matching to a whole 'nother level with with her coordinating dress and eye shadow. Channeling Tinkerbell, perhaps?

A little less hair and make-up would have done the trick for Christina, but at least she's since ditched the lace-up pants - not the most lady-like of wardrobe choices!

We think Brittany Murphy is stuck in the '70s with these bell-bottom striped pants.

This punk rock ensemble situation clearly happened before Kelly Osbourne's appearance on Fashion Police

Between the "accidentally" bleached jacket and ripped jeans, we think Robert Luketic is trying to hard to get that "I don't care" look.

Paris Hilton may have been living the simple life, but this outfit is anything but. It is dangerously low cut on her midriff, and she's lucky it didn't become a wardrobe disaster!

We can't quite figure out what style Pink is going for here, but we know her outfit would have been better had she brought back the puppy. 

Well, we love Ashley Simpson's long hair, but it isn't enough to draw our eyes away from this frumpy, unfortunate dress.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to Samaire Armstrong, whose character Anna on The O.C loved to take fashion risks as well. This is a miss on lots of levels!

Apaparently Mya loves a good butterfly print, but there is way too much going on, and the lacy bottom and top just don't seem to fit.

Of course Andy Dick can't wear a plain black or navy suit. Plaid for the win! 

Rihanna takes lots of fashion risks, and sometimes they're amazing! Other times, not so much.  Ladies and gents, we have a not-so-much situation right here.

Singer Lucy Walsh looks pretty ridiculous in all these ruffles.  But we bet it was comfy when she settled in to watch the show, what with the cushion of extra fabric!

Sacha Baron Cohen never fails to shock us, this time showing off his legs in a revealing leopard print ensemble.  But seriously, thats a LOT of leopard.

We wish Monique Coleman would have toned down the volume with either her dress or her hair, the look is a bit much.

Lindsay's hair and makeup were on-point for the night, but that outfit was just... wrong. 

Oh Katy Perry, what a risk with this dress! She's got a rockin' bod, but these strategically placed sequins would have made us more than a little nervous!

A high-low dress taken to the extreme! Is it just us or does it look like Christina Aguilera's skirt was super heavy?

We can hardly keep track of everything that's going on here in Kat Graham's outfit: orange lips, blue shoes, bold chunky necklace and check out that shoulder on this dress! Busy, busy, busy.

Sorry, Grace V, but this dress looks like Easter egg dyeing -- gone wrong!

Never one to shy away from a bold look, Nicki Minaj chose to pair a short black hair style and signature pink lips with this risque top.

Not gonna lie, we're judging a bit.  Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys not only wore Tiffany-blue onesies, but with bunny footies to boot!

Between the high hemline and midriff-baring cutout, Brooke Hogan's sparkly dress is barely there, and a little risky.

We can't say we're in love with this dress on Amber Rose -- it almost looks like someone grabbed a glue gun and mint-green cotton puffs, and went to town!

Click through to see the most daring outfits ever worn to the Grammy Awards!

Paula Abdul wore this short, sheer gold flapper dress in 1990.

Photo Credit: WireImage

Lil Kim opts for just a pasty over her left breast at the 1999 Grammy Awards.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez turned heads and made history books with this extremely deep-plunging neckline at the 2000 Grammys.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This dress on Toni Braxton definitely wouldn’t fly with today’s regulations from CBS! She wore this to the 2001 Grammy Awards.

Photo Credit: WireImage

Traci Bingham wore this barely-there top with hot pink bottoms to the 2001 Grammys, and certainly raised a few eyebrows.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Shakira looked beautiful in 2001, but this dress might be a bit risqué for the new guidelines from CBS.

Photo Credit: WireImage

Destiny’s Child was willing to bare it all with these backless dresses in 2001!

Photo Credit: AFP/ Getty Images

Pink wore this extremely sparing top with white pants in 2002.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Foxy Brown wore this super short dress with exposed bra in 2003, and we aren’t sure how it would fly with the new regulations from CBS!

Photo Credit: WireImage

Pink shows off her tattoo in 2003 with this black dress with a very high slit!

Photo Credit: FilmMagic

Margaret Cho wore this barely-there sheer peacock feather dress with in 2004, and we can’t help but wonder, what was she thinking?!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Eve was seen at the 2005 Grammy Awards in this red deep-v dress, with a very high hemline.

Photo Credit: WireImage

Teri Hatcher wore this sheer dress to the 2006 Grammy Awards, and though she rocked it, it may be questionable now!

Photo Credit: FilmMagic

M.I.A. proudly showed off her pregnant belly with this sheer and shocking outfit.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Nadeea wore this super short dress with exposed back to the 2010 Grammys, risking a flash if she wasn’t careful!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This outfit for Pink’s performance at the 2010 Grammy Awards was ideal for dancing, but not very covered up!

Photo Credit: WireImage

Britney Spears wore this sheer dress to the Grammy Awards in 2010.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Miley Cyrus still had her long locks in 2011, but was not shy on the red carpet with this mesh top.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Rihanna wore a sheer tiered ruffle dress to the Grammys in 2011, and it was very revealing.

Photo Credit: FilmMagic

This barely-there lace top on Angelique Boyer(pictured in 2011) might be frowned upon at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Photo Credit: FilmMagic

Katy Perry exposed a sparkly bra at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This dress had very strategically placed strips of fabric that we know Ciara was praying would stay in place!

Photo Credit: WireImage

A sheer dress with a pop of pink was worn by Hayley Williams at the 2011 Grammys.

Photo Credit: WireImage

Lady Gaga always shocks viewers with the fun and funky outfits she wears, and she didn’t disappoint with her 2012 sheer polka-dotted outfit.

Photo Credit: WireImage

Anne V wore a very high slit in this black cut-out dress in 2012.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

A bedazzled bra and super short skirt: Nadeea’s 2012 Grammys dress could have been a wardrobe malfunction in the making!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The MTV Movie Awards are coming up -- for which we know we're in for a great evening -- and we can't wait to see who wins Best Kiss and Best Villain! Plus, did you see that Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane(Ted) are up for Best Fight? Epic. It's an awards show that is quite different than most!

One aspect that is surely unique about this show is the way the stars dress for the red carpet. Similar to the Grammy Awards, it seems to us that often the bigger and bolder the outfit, the better.

When the MTV Movie Awards first began in the early 1990's, the red carpet was fairly casual. While it's still much more laid back than say, the Golden Globes, in recent years we've seen the celebrity attendees kick it up a few notches. ​While some chose to go glam, however, others have chosen to step outside the box, ​sometimes with disastrous fashion consequences! ​We took a walk down memory lane with the MTV Movie Awards, and found some of the wackiest (and most cringe-worthy) ensembles of years past.

The '90s and early 2000s were filled with midriff-baring tops, and we saw far too many awkwardly placed slits and sheer fabrics. Some ladies cut it close(no pun intended) and are lucky their outfits didn't result in wardrobe malfunctions! From Cindy Crawford and Sharon Stone, to Pink and Katy Perry, the fashion risks kept coming in droves.

Click through the gallery to see for yourself -- but we're warning you, some of the looks may break your stylish heart!
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