Style throwback: NSYNC's best moments

NSYNC style throwback
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Style throwback: NSYNC's best moments
The boys pose up high in London, matching in blues and greens.

We're not sure what's more jolting, Lace and Justin's semi-matching pants or Joey's plaid suit with a leopard print jacket...

Our eyes! Back in the late '90s, we thought we were blinded by their cuteness, but turns out it might've been those shiny jackets.
Baby-faced Brit poses with the boys, and we love it!
Look at those sultry stares! Did they realize they were staring straight into our souls?
Sometimes things got a little weird (sweet cornrows, JT).
Not ashamed to say we got one of those marionettes for Christmas.
As if we needed another reason to love them! Add puppies to the mix and the fact that they care about animals, and we're beyond in love.
Remember when this happened? 
And that one time Joey played with a tiger cub?
Chris knew Kris Jenner back when Getty only referred to her as Kathy Lee Gifford's "friend."
Welp, it was the Grammys. But guys... seriously?
There's JT, getting all sultry on us.
This one time, JC wore a two-tone snakeskin jacket.  It's okay though, we still loved him.

And Lance clearly had a great time channeling his inner 5 year-old at the Challenge for Children charity event they group held.

Hello, glamour shot! Loving the denim theme (background/floor included).
Time to sit for a slow song... a.k.a. melt every girl's heart.
Cue the creepiness: here they stand with their wax figures at Madame Tussaud's in New York. We must say JC and Lance's figures are right on.
Cleaning up in all black, the guys look pretty great. Except, JC PLEASE cut your hair!
Phew, that's better! They're a little squinty, but they look casual-cool.

In case you haven't heard, there are rumors floating around that because Justin Timberlake will be receiving the Vanguard Award at this weekend's VMAs, NSYNC may reunite for a performance on stage.

We KNOW we're not alone when that news left us hoping, wishing, BEGGING that it was true. We fully got launched back into fangirl mode, but we're not complaining.

They've been tearin' up our hearts these past years that they've spent apart, and we can't stop discussing how epic it would be if they indeed performed. Which of our favorite songs might they choose? "It's Gonna Be Me" (bringing back the puppet dancing)? Or maybe "Bye Bye Bye"? We're putting in a vote for that one because we know the dance... still.

Okay enough gushing, just take a look at the style throwback this week. Obviously it's a look back at the boys in their finest moments!
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