Get the look of some of your favorite small screen sirens

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Get the look of some of your favorite small screen sirens

Claire may be married to one of the most commanding men in Washington, but her poise and calculated agenda have her playing more the role of business partner than dutiful wife. What’s even more dominant than her political confidence? Her haircut: the power pixie.

To re-create this short hairstyle, start by dyeing your hair platinum (OK, not really, but pixies do look awesome on blondes) and work a dab of smoothing cream through damp strands. Then, using a bristle brush, blow-dry your hair to one side. Shoot for sleek and polished. 

While she may have once filled in as Don Draper’s secretary, in Season 7 of Mad Men, Joan is a boss lady. She doesn’t hesitate to ask for what she wants -- and she usually gets it. As for what we want? It’s her vibrant red hair and classic red lips. 

For allover color, try an at-home kit to experiment inexpensively. Every kit is different, so definitely do a double read of the directions before you start any application. 

Every woman needs the perfect red lipstick in her beauty arsenal. Care to test a few shades before you commit? Try them on virtually by downloading the Makeup Genius app

She might just be the funniest midlevel bureaucrat this country has ever seen, but her beauty game is anything but laughable. Right now, we’re coveting Leslie’s lush blonde lob. 

Definitely don’t try to copy Leslie’s corporate-ish cut at home. Ask your stylist for a lob haircut with face-framing layers. As for styling, give DIY a go -- a one-inch barrel iron should give you just the right amount of bend.

Taking beauty cues from Chapman means focusing on flashback Chapman or furlough Chapman, rather than “just did time in SHU” Chapman. Sure, the crafty blonde and Orange Is the New Black heroine has been pulling off prison orange, faded highlights and sallow skin with, shall we say, grace, but we’d prefer to try a take on her tousled beachy waves.

And Vause -- exactly how did she manage to keep her iconic cat eye flawless throughout her entire stay at Litchfield? We can only assume that this pro drug smuggler found a way to get liquid liner past the guards.

Love the look of these carefree waves Piper sports during jaunts with then-girlfriend Vause? Good news: They can be easily re-created. Add a little texture spray to wet hair and then gently tousle your strands before drying them with a diffuser attachment.

Winged liner is notably one of the more difficult applications to perfect. Try a few different methods until you find the one that works best for you. Our favorites: The Flick Method and The Tape Hack Method with a great liquid liner.

We know we’re not the only ones with a girl crush on Daenerys Targaryen. This one bad Mother… of Dragons is on a course toward Westeros domination, all the while looking ridiculously gorgeous -- with platinum blonde hair (in masterful braids) and, our biggest obsession, perfectly defined brows. 

If you’re starting with a blonde or sandy brown base, shop the hair color aisle for the lightest blonde on the shelf to get this look.

Full brows rule! Mimic this queen’s look by filling in your brows with an eyebrow pencil. And don’t worry about getting too symmetrical -- you’ll achieve a more natural look with uneven brows.


Here at StyleList, we're sort of obsessed with awards season. Almost every Sunday in January and February, you can find us on the couch coveting gorgeous gowns and scouting the next big beauty trends. We look to these wintertime red carpet events to feed our fashion and beauty addiction for the entire year, but our beauty high starts to dwindle at the end of the summer. Luckily, we get a slight reprieve this August with the Emmys.

This year, the TV stars and shows nominated include a handful of A-listers as well as a couple of up-and-comers. And, while all of these small-screen actresses have enviable beauty, it's the characters they portray who, though fictional, have a beauty game that's all too real.

Click through the gallery above to see which characters' looks we'd like to steal and check out which characters inspired some of our favorite YouTube vloggers.
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