Splash Into Style This Summer With These Hairstyles

Summer Hairstyles
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Splash Into Style This Summer With These Hairstyles

This season’s most sought after stylist: Mother Nature. Sun-kissed, wind blown, salt strew beachy waves are a mainstay of summer style, day or night. Versatile and natural looking, the style works on virtually any hair type thanks to sea-salt infused styling sprays that transforms mortal hair into a textured, tousled, straight from the beach look -- without the sand between your toes. These glamorous golden locks are pure sultry and sexy. We are stalking this look. 

There’s nothing tame about smooth, sleek, silky hair . . . except your frizz! This gorgeous-and-grown-up style oozes glamour, confidence, and best of all, it’s quite simple to achieve (don’t tell the boys!). Just work your hair with a sunflower and olive oil infused smoothing serum and smoothing spray (blow dryer optional for a polished look on hot days. Simply gorgeous, This style is the epitome of sleek chic. And what better way to top off this chic look then to add long, blunt bangs to your smooth and silky style.

We love a hot mess. Seriously! The newest take on last season’s ballerina bun is all about messy, sexy, ease. This relaxed bun, that can be combined with tempting tendrils and escaping curls, is at once adorable and alluring. Thrown together with styling product and a few pins, this last minute hair is a great way to show off your nape when it swelters outside.

We confess: we’ve had this hair-crush for a while. What is it about the fishtail braid that keeps us coming back for more? The pretty, textured, exotic appeal of this style travels from day, to night, and day again (full disclosure, we admit to sleeping in a fishtail for that messy look the next day!). Rock this style with virtually no make up and the simplest top ever and you still look amazing. Perhaps it’s that other-worldly, inner mermaid beauty we all secretly dream of . . . sigh.

Exotic, elegant, and unabashedly bold, the top knot is topping the charts for summer. This extreme version, tightly pulled and piled high for extra oomph, expertly accents an avant guarde look. At once fierce and ladylike; this sophisticated statement hair is best achieved with a micro-diffuser strong-hold spray, and your strong arms to work all the twisting and pinning. We suggest you play with proportions to fit your desired affect.

For those times when showing up in your royal crown is a little too much, think Grecian braid. The idea of weaving a glorious crown out of your own gorgeous hair is heroically genius. Cool and crafty for summer, this hot style is so powerful and pretty, it’s a beautiful ode to the o-mighty-Aphrodite. Allow some wisps to escape and then spritz with holding spray that offers a clean, soft shiny finish: trust us, the Goddess effect gets them every time.  


By The Beauty Experts at: L'Oréal Paris

Sticky humid heat can really discourage fantastic summer 'dos. You spend twenty minutes styling a perfectly coiffed hairstyle inspired by Pinterest, only to sweat it out in seconds! It's time to revise your glamour game plan. Switch up your hairstyle this season for a look that will keep from sunrise to gorgeous sunset.

There are six summer hairstyles that are here to make your beauty routine a breeze. Play around with these hairdos and be ready for a trip to the beach in seconds!

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